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Holiday Glamour Day or Night With Wander Beauty Cosmetics


When was the last time you updated your cosmetics case? During our recent tropical storm remnants from Hurricane Ian, I took the stuck-at-home day to go through my beauty supplies to get rid of those old outdated haven't been touched in too long cosmetics, from the makeup to the half used tube of lotion that hasn't been touched since I moved to Wilmington in 2018.

Friends, if you haven't already, it's time to go through your makeup. We don't replace our makeup products as we should because they are expensive, right? Yet, bacteria harbors in those small little cases every time we dip our brushes (also something else we need to clean regularly), eventually wreaking havoc on our skin. Do you know the recommendations for replacing your cosmetics? Foundation- 1 year, Lipstick- 1 year, Powders- 2 years. 

Replenish your supplies with Wander Beauty. No matter whether you need to update your fall everyday look or are getting ready for that evening holiday party, Wander Beauty has great colors and palettes to suit every skin tone. 

Wander Beauty is made for the one on the go. No matter whether you are heading to the office, to a dinner, or to an evening show, products are mess free and easy to use. They are also made to minimize space, so that you don't have to carry a ton of supplies with you. 

The Getaway Eye and Face Palette comes in a case small enough to slip into your evening bag, but packed with color! It contains four eyeshadows, a highlighter, a blush, and bronzer. The palette contains a mirror but no brushes come with. It's meant to be finger friendly, but honestly, I have an aversion to using fingers with makeup, so I'd prob stash my mini brush set in my bag if I need it. 

There are two shades in this palette: Sunkissed and Island Hope. The Sunkissed shades are meant for fairer skin while the Island Hop shades are meant for medium/ darker skin tones. I received the Island Hop shades as my skin tone is still summer dark. Soon I'll be winter white and will have to switch most of my makeup out!

Wearing SPF Primer, Paloma Blush, and Day Dream blended w/ Villa eyeshadows

I particularly love how this palette allows one to go from normal day to evening glam with just a few swipes and blending of shadows and bronzers. After Hours (champagne pearl highlighter), Paloma (deep rose blush), Tahiti (medium golden bronzer), Villa (neutral brown matte eyeshadow), Santorini (golden bronze satin eyeshadow), Day Dream (amber shimmer satin eyeshadow), Boardwalk (metallic cocoa satin eyeshadow). I'm not into contouring or bronzing all that much as my makeup routine is as simple as my skincare routine, but I do like the ability to go fancy when I need too. 

Before putting on your makeup, don't forget to find a great primer with sunscreen. The Pack Up & Glo 40 SPF Mineral Sunscreen with primer is a great base before foundations, bronzers, and eye shadows. For those who don't know, primers help makeup stay on our faces longer and keeps our makeup in place. I recently started using a primer and noticed a big difference in the staying power of my foundations, especially in the summer (and yes, still fall) heat of coastal NC. 

I'm excited that Wander Beauty's Primer also has SPF, cause that is one less step I need in my skincare routine. I try to maintain sun care routines throughout the year as we still get plenty of warm days, even in the winter!

Wander Beauty products are clean-no parabens, sulfates, and more. For a complete blacklist of ingredients, visit the Clean Beauty section on Wander Beauty. Lots of info about how sustainable, how safe, and how clean these products are is available! 

Wander Beauty has some great minis and gift collections in stock for the holiday season. Stocking Stuffers, White Elephant Girls Night gifts, and  bestie gifts are some of the ways that you could gift Wander Beauty products. Gifting yourself is always fun, especially as we change from our summer clothes into fall fashion. Our entire wardrobes colors change, thus our makeup does as well!

Many thanks to Wander Beauty for partnering with us in the Mommy's Block Party 2022 Holiday Gift Guide! 

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