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Hearty Holiday Meals with REP Provisions Stews, Soups, & Meats

Thanks to REP Provisions for sending the Soup & Stew Kit in exchange for my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own! 

Ok, I admit it. While I love to cook, I often eat out (or eat convenience foods) way more than I should. All of us have crazy schedules, but sometimes, since it's just my belly to fill, I don't have the time, energy, or desire to prepare a proper meal. Thus, I have to encourage myself to food prep & make advanced meals. One of the good ways to do this is by making soups! 

REP Provisions has an awesome Stew & Soup Kit that will hit the mark when I'm ready for warm hearty meals. REP Provisions is an Oklahoma farm & company dedicated to rebuilding the prairie ecosystems. I am also aware of the devastating effects that greed, consumerism, and poor practices has upon our lands and animals. Many of my friends have gone vegan just because of poor ethical treatment of animals, but to be honest, I love meat products too much to do that. 

Yet, I want to eat foods that help out the environment, rather than hurt it. So when I heard about REP Provisions, I definitely wanted to check them out! The Soup & Stew package arrived very quickly, even in the midst of an oncoming tropical storm, packed full of frozen items and dry ice. Also, they provide a label to ship the box back. Boxes don't even up in landfill, can be reused, and don't sit around your home! 

By unpacking the box, I discovered 3 bags of bone broth (2 chicken & 1 beef), 3 seasoning blends, and of course, 4 of the proteins (broth & meat arrived frozen)! Selecting three out of five available recipes, I choose the Chicken Verde Soup, Italian Chicken Soup, and Beef & Quinoa Soup. All three of the stews contain 4-6 servings and featured a blend of spices, veggies, and pasture raised regenerative meats. For those not aware, regenerative agriculture is a practice that cares for animals in ways that benefit the land they are raised and live upon. 

Of course, REP Provisions has much more than just broth, but it is one of the unique ways that they contribute to the health of their customers. Beef and chicken broths support our immune systems, aid in our digestion, and helps our overall well-being and health. 

There are many other products that include pork, chicken, beef (both ground and steaks). There is even a blend of ground beef and organ meat from liver + hearts, known as Primal! I will absolutely be looking into these boxes as they are available. Don't forget about the doggies, because there are even scraps and defective meat available just for your cuddly creatures. After all, they deserve the best too!

This holiday season, I have a few ideas of how you could share or use REP Provision boxes, like the Soup + Stew Kit. 

1) Send your loved one a care kit from REP provisions. The Stew + Soup box is a perfect gift because it comes with everything needed to make the meals. I wouldn't turn down a classic beef or cluck box either!

2) Purchase a REP Provisions box in advance to family coming. Sure, the classic dinner table foods will need to be bought and prepped, but before all those things arrive at the table, you will still need to feed your family. Pull out the grill, throw on a burger, and have a quick easy meal. Or have a broth or soup stocked up in the fridge for whenever your loved one is hungry

3) Send a box to newlyweds, new parents, or even birthday celebrators. Even though new parents are completely overwhelmed, having something in the freezer rather than having to go to the store and find everything will surely help them out. 

4) Buy one for yourself and enjoy during these upcoming fall months! For those of you north, it's cool enough but not freezing cold, so you can still have cookouts. For those of us in the south, well, we know it mostly stays warm all year long. There are quite a few football games left in the SEC season and NFL is just getting kicked off, so go for great meat that helps the environment!

5) Purchase a gift card and let your recipient decide what they might want and need! The perfect gift- I always love giftcards that I can use! 

This fall and holiday season, be sure to check out REP Provisions. Stocking up on their regenerative meat products not only means your freezer will be well stocked, but you will be supporting sustainable and environmental agriculture & farming practices. 

Thanks REP Provisions, for being a part of our Mommy's Block Party 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

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REP Provisions Stew + Soup Kit & all collections are available to put a great dinner on the table! 

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What is your favorite soup or stew?

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