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Get Hydrated, Lightweight, Frizz-Free Curls for the Holidays with Curl Cult's Divine Products

Whether your curls are natural or supernatural, Curl Cult is here for you with divine products that are hydrating, lightweight, anti-frizz, vegan, paraben-free, and sulfate-surfactant-free! 
Curl Cult® is infused with PisumProtex™ technology – a unique blend of pea protein & plex technology. Curl Cult® perm solution opens the cuticle layer and infuses PisumProtex™ deep into the hair shaft, and because they neutralize right over the top of our solution we lock it into the inner cortex layer of the hair. This technology helps prevent cuticle cracking and minimizes damage, is rich in amino acids that hydrate and protect, and leaves hair soft, healthy & hydrated.

The Complete Curly Kit gave me the chance to try all of their products and I fell in love with the delightful scent they have. After every use, I admit...I sniffed my hair a lot! The scent is not the only thing I love! My curls have more definition and are soft to the touch. My favorite product of the four I received is the leave-in conditioner, though the revitalizing way the products all work together is exactly what I want for my hair! The Magic Spell Leave-In Conditioner gives my curls the moisture and softness I enjoy.
The Complete Curly Kit includes all the products needed for perfectly hydrated curls, every time. The Kit includes:

  • Refresh Hydrating Shampoo 
  • A hydrating shampoo to support the Curl Cult® permanent styling service as well as naturally curly or textured hair. Keeps curls bright and bouncy, while protecting and strengthening the hair with PisumProtex™ technology.
  • Revive Hydrating Conditioner
  • A moisturizing conditioner to support the Curl Cult® permanent styling service as well as naturally curly or textured hair. Keeps curls healthy and hydrated, while offering protection and strength with PisumProtex™ technology.
  • Magic Spell Leave-in Conditioner
  • A leave-in spray containing PisumProtex™ bond protection technology, providing hydration and curl support.
  • Enhance Curl Cream
  • A supportive curl cream to help sculpt curls and combat frizz.
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