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Geekey Makes a Great Stocking Stuffer For the Outdoorsmen On Your List

A stocking stuffer the outdoorsmen will try out immediately is Geekey! This expertly combined go-to tool is the size of a key, so be ready to upgrade your keychain with an amazing new tool!

Its 16 + features include a 3.2/3.3mm Bike Spoke Key, a Screwdriver tip that will fit a #2/3 Slotted, #2 Square Drive, #2/3 Phillips, and #2/3 Combinations (Phillips/Slotted or Phillips/Square) screw all in one bit, Imperial and Metric Closed Wrench, ¼ inch Open Wrench, ¼ inch Bit Driver, Scoring Tip, Serrated Edge, Can Opener, Wire Stripper, File, Imperial, and Metric Ruler, Protractor, Bottle Opener, Multi-head fit Driver, and even a bowl that allows the Geekey to operate as a smoking pipe.

All of this is in a tool less than three inches long and less than two inches wide! The stainless steel tool is sturdy and unbreakable in normal use. 

In my opinion, the biggest asset is its portability. It can be put on a lanyard or slipped into a pocket. The multi-fit screwdriver closed multi-sized wrench, and other tools are close at hand. The serrated edge and scoring tip are excellent for opening boxes, cutting wires, tape, foil, and most anything you will encounter. The bottle opener is useful indoors and out.

It is particularly useful for emergency repairs to bicycles as it can be easily carried around the neck or in a small pocket while on a ride. It would make a great gift for a cyclist, outdoor enthusiast, or do-it-yourselfer.  

But the Geekey also has a place in a kitchen drawer and can reduce clutter there as it does the work of so many other tools. The file is useful on wood, metal, and plastic and even works well on fingernails! 

The only tool we have not tried is the pipe though that seems fully functional. 

Another bonus...It Is TSA compliant if one needs to put it in an airplane carry-on.

Want it? Get it!

Check out this amazing 16+ function-in-1 tool on Geekey's website! You can purchase it at their Amazon store!

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