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Create a Cozy Home This Holiday Season With Colsen Indoor Fire Pits!

Thanks Colsen Fire Pit for sending this hexagon fire pit in exchange for my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

I love fire pits. The crackle warmth of the fire, no matter whether it's winter, fall, or summer brings me comfort. Add in marshmallows and chocolate for smores, and you will have me hooked! I'll pull up a chair, warm my feet, and avoid the smoky ash that inevitably will bother my eyes. 

Yet, some living situations do not permit fire pits. Wilmington, my current city of residence, bans open flame fire pits all year. I've also lived in apartment/condo style housing for a long time, many of which have rules and regulations against grills and large fire pits.

When I found out about Colsen Fire Pit, I immediately knew I would love them! Colsen fire pits are table-top fire pits that can burn inside or outside the home. Okay, I admit, anything with an open flame makes me nervous (even candles), so I'll always be careful when lighting and using any Colsen product. It's probably good to have a fire extinguisher nearby, no matter what type of housing situation you currently reside in. 

I was sent over a Hex Shaped Fire pit to try out. It is very easy to fill, light, and use! I recommend placing your fire pit in a place that it can hang around until it cools off, as you won't be able to touch it until it does. 

Colsen fire pits use smokeless and odorless alcohol. No wood, no fire starters, no gasoline needed. Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol at 71% or 91%  is best to use with these pits. PS- don't use 99%! No soot or toxins need to burn off and create any damage in your home. Colsen also sells clean burning fuel. 

Using your fire pit. Pour the alcohol into a cooled clean fire pit. Wipe up any spills before lighting. Don't overfill, or even fill up all the way. Leave about an inch or two from the top when filling! Also-never refill while the flame is lit OR while the fire pit is still hot. Allow the fire pit to cool completely before refueling! Fuel will probably burn between 45 and 65 minutes, depending on how much was used. It does burn quickly, so don't be surprised when the flame goes out. 

To Extinguish: A cork coaster is shipped with Colsen products to extinguish flames. Stone Coasters could also work. Don't use water or try to blow the product out. 

Colsen claims that the base of each fire pit is heat-resistant enough, but I would advise always putting something under the base before setting it on any furniture you absolutely love. Whether it's a trivet, stoneware, charcuterie board, anything will help product your tables. Also, don't move it once you fill (and especially) light it! Let it cool completely before moving again. Remember to not store alcohol in the pit after extinguishing it. 

The appeal of an indoor fire pit is endless. Whether it's a dark & stormy night, a gathering of friends for movie night, or extra ambiance needed to impress someone special, Colsen fire pits will fit the need.

Providing a great addition to your home decor, they are small, light weight, and easy to move from location to location. The best part is that if the power goes out, you have a way to have a small amount of light in the home! I highly doubt they will provide much heat, compared to a wood burning fire pit, but the ambience and lighting will definitely give your entire family a sense of peace. 

These would make a great gift as we head into the holiday season. Gift ideas include housewarming gifts, newlyweds, unique gift ideas for family members, birthday gifts, or a gift yourself just to update your decor and have a unique item in the house. Don't forget the marshmallows! 

Thank you, Colsen Fire Pits, for your willingness to be featured in our Mommy's Block Party 2022 Holiday Gift Guide!

Want it? Get it!

Find your favorite Colsen Fire Pit Collection and be on the way to indoor relaxation. 

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Do you love roasting marshmallows? 

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