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5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Party Playlist

 If you're wondering how to get free Spotify followers, then let us tell you a fantastic way - create party playlists! Spotify allows every user to create a shareable playlist of their favorite songs. So, when users share the playlist with their friends and family, more people gain exposure to your music and follow it. This is organic Spotify growth!

But not every playlist works well. You need to create a playlist based on market research. The statistics reveal that pop is the most popular genre worldwide, with hip hop/R&B taking the lead in the US. What does that mean for you? Party playlists will be a hit! So, without further ado, read on to learn the best 5 tips to create the perfect party playlists!

Focus on the Theme & Audience

There are a hundred different party themes and a hundred different guest types. Pleasing them will determine the success of your playlist. So, always consider who and where will listen to your songs. For example, if you plan to create a party playlist for young adults, go with music that has Drill and Trap beats. This will create a hyped-up, cool vibe that most teens enjoy. However, if the party is celebration-themed, like graduation or engagement, then the playlist should contain uplifting music that makes people feel happy and joyful.

Take Care of the Tempo

Tempo refers to the speed of the song. In simple terms, it's how fast or slow someone sings in the song. Creating a playlist filled with fast-tempo music isn't the best strategy. The listeners will feel annoyed and irritated after a few songs. This can lead to them changing the playlist or, worse, unfollowing you. To avoid that, make sure the playlist has a balanced tempo. Add songs with both fast and moderate tempos. So, there can be a change for listeners without disrupting the flow or theme.

Add a Few Famous Hits

As an artist, you will add in the majority of your songs. But do not base the playlist entirely on yourself. There is no guarantee that people will like all your music. So, an effective way to give your songs exposure is to create a playlist of mixed songs. Add in a few of your songs and a few famous hits like songs by Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, and Justin Bieber.

These popular songs will also act as bait. If people are looking for those songs and they click on your playlist, they will also “accidentally” end up listening to your songs. Who knows, you might gain another fan.

Don't Forget the Timing

Party playlists for physical venues should cover the length of the event. However, if you're creating a virtual playlist like Spotify, ensure the timing is perfect. Generally, music experts divide the playlists into the following types:

    New Music - up to 2hrs

    Best of (Year/Artist) - 2 to 4 hrs

    Mood - 4hr+

However, it's considered best for a generic, good playlist to be around an hour and a half long. That's about 20 to 25 songs.

Get Someone's Feedback

Before you play the party playlist at an event or make it public on Spotify, ask someone to listen to it and provide honest feedback. You can ask anyone, be it family or online friends. Just make sure they know about good music and will offer you an unbiased opinion. This feedback will help you improvise the weak points and create the perfect party playlist!

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