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When You Must Leave Your Pet To Travel

When the pup can't come, what do you do?!

Personally, I have a huge dog and it is not conducive to bring her along when we travel to visit family. Beach trips? Absolutely! If it's possible, we do not leave her, but when staying in hotels or visiting family, it just doesn't always work out. 

It's tough to leave her behind and if you have a pet and you find yourself traveling, you know what I'm talking about. It's one of the hardest parts about being a pet parent in my opinion. I love my baby girl and I do not like to leave her for any length of time.

However, such is life and sometimes we must do so. I hope that in your area, you've been able to find a reputable and trustworthy facility or family to care for your pet while you are away. I do have a very sweet couple that so lovingly comes to stay in my home when we have to leave our big pup. It is such a blessing to have them and one day if they are unable to watch her, we will be searching feverishly to find someone just as caring. 

That's the key. You want the person or place to actually care about your pet. They are your baby, after all! It's also important to be able to exchange photos or video with whomever is keeping your pet. It seems like a small thing, but it truly does help with the separation. Also, leaving very detailed notes about the care and routine your pet requires is helpful for the caretaker. Make sure you have their favorite treats available as well. 

When it comes to the anxiety that some of us deal with when leaving our babies behind, sometimes we just need to remember that animals are so resilient. There may not be a dog alive that is more spoiled that my big Doberman girl but knowing that she is in good hands, helps so much. Seek out doggy hotels in your area or begin asking friends! Sometimes word of mouth will find you the best possible option to care for your baby. Have an open mind and remember, dogs do not think of time in the same way that we do. We feel that each day away is an eternity while they do not realize the days that are passing! Everything will be ok.



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