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TV Shows Worth Watching (and Maybe Binging!)


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We have so many streaming channels now that it can be hard to pick which subscriptions to pay for, never mind what TV shows to watch! Lately, these are the shows that I've been absorbed in. Some are older shows that I've never watched while some are newer series developed specifically for a streaming station

1) Hulu: Only Murders in the Building

This Hulu original premiered in 2021, so the second season is now available. Starring Martin Short, Steve Martin, and Selena Gomez; this American comedy will have you on edge as each character faces challenges.. And gets accused of murder (while trying to solve who COMMITTED the murders)! It's renewed for season 3, so go ahead and check out the 2 available seasons. 

2) Hulu: Claim to Fame

Ok, I must admit, I've never been a fan of reality TV. I pressed play on this show one rainy day after I finished cleaning the entire apartment, and was hooked.  Kevin and Frankie Jonas lead us on an exploration to see who will win 100,000 as they keep their celebrity family identities secret in this 2022 reality show.  One by one, we watch players see their "claim to fame" identities revealed. It's all about trivia, pulling strings, and coming out on top! 

3) Hulu: Under the Banner of Heaven

Based on the nonfiction book by Jon Krakeuer, this 2022 true crime miniseries follows a detective that investigates a brutal murder, and in the process, wrestles with his Mormon faith and religious background. The drama is incredibly gripping and will have you on edge.. and thinking about all sorts of things! Andrew Garfield's man character is compelling as he does his job, loves his family, and figures out his relationship with Church and his faith. It's definitely a must-see! 

4) Netflix: Virgin River Season 4

This 2019 romantic drama is actually based on a series of novels by Robyn Carr. Following a midwife/ nurse practitioner's move from big city to rural life allows the viewer the chance to see beautiful nature, romance, and of course.. drama that ensues in small town life! Starring Alexandra Breckeridge & Martin Henderson, this drama brings real life issues into light as well. 

5) Peacock: Suits 

Suits is a 2011 American legal drama that originally aired on USA Network. It follows the career path of Mike,  who claims to be a lawyer but has a secret. He never went to law school or passed the bar. His entire career is spent learning how to be an excellent closer while he and his boss kees his secret. Eventually, the truth is revealed, jail time is served, and the firm goes through a rough spot. It's a compelling legal drama that has intrigue, mystery, loyalty, and deceit all rolled up into one. Nine seasons are available for your viewing pleasure. I can't figure out how I've missed Gabriel Macht, Patrick J. Adams, and Meghan Markle when this was first out! The only thing I can recollect is I didn't have cable much during those years! 

6) Paramount Plus: Bull

Who wasn't sad when Michael Weatherly left NCIS? I know I was! Yet, one day in August, I came across this legal drama and definitely became hooked! Michael portrays Jason Bull, a psychologist and trial scientist expert who couldn't pass the bar, so ends up down this vocation. He's great at his job, knows how to turn jurors opinions, and figures out cases even after a ruling might be made. If you aren't into legal dramas or into the science of how trials are won, this might not be your thing- but the stories, the comedy, and the relationships are intriguing to me. 

What are you watching that we must watch? Tell us in the comments or on socials! 

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