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One of the things that has been on my mind as an adult has been the very real task of my parents going through their belongings as they begin to ponder and prepare for their future. While my parents are only just in their sixties, they are doing their best to make sure they go through items in their home, weed through what's worth keeping, what can be parted with, and what they want to one day pass down to me and/or my sister, or their grandkids. In doing this, they are saving my sister and me from having to do this for them one day, which we appreciate very much.

As my parents have been doing this, it has had me thinking about all of the families that are forced, sometimes, rather abruptly, to make decisions on behalf of the people they love the most. As someone who loves to plan and organize, I am making notes for the future, and have come to realize that labels are not just for my pantry or my children's backpacks and lunch boxes.

Labels are so very handy, and can be very helpful even for older adults who may be transitioning to a new stage or phase of life. Did you know that Name Bubbles, the same company that lovingly makes adorable labels for kids also makes Labels to Last, which are geared toward adults? Their labels are wonderful and are so helpful for families who are transitioning to senior care facilities, might have had to spend time in rehab after surgery, or are going through their homes, trying to organize for a move. Labeling always helps me keep things straight!

If you are helping a loved one organize their things, why not get ahead with labeling? Labels to Last labels can be so incredibly helpful in keeping things well organized during a move or transition. You'll be so happy you took the time to label everything!

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Which labels will you choose for your loved ones?

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