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Prep for Cozy Season with a Sunnydaze Decor Firepit


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Fall is officially here, and for my family, that means it's cozy season! You know the one... it's the season when we put away all of the water play toys, spruce up our outdoor spaces, and get ready for nights around the fire. My family loves late nights around a cozy fire, and creating the perfect outdoor space to enjoy cozy season has been a lot of fun for us. There's nothing I love more than seeing the joy on my kids' faces when we tell them that they can stay up late and roast marshmallows around the fire.

To make our cozy season fire enjoyment safe and alluring for any guests we may have, I like to think of our outdoor cozy season spaces like any other room of our home. Decorating the spaces we host gatherings in, or use just for our own enjoyment gives me a lot of joy. Creating this cozy outdoor space starts with the right location. Once you find the 'right spot' for your gathering area, you'll be in good shape.

Next, you'll want to choose the right Sunnydaze Decor firepit to build your gathering space around. A firepit is usually the focal point of a cozy outdoor space, so choose one that's functional and looks lovely! Sunnydaze Decor products are absolutely beautiful, and offer a variety of cozy fall items to add to your outdoor space. After you've chosen just the right firepit, add seating, a few stools, and nesting tables, a couple of cozy outdoor blankets (be sure to keep them far away from a lit fire), and invite your friends over for a fun time around the fire!

Get your Sunnydaze firepit!

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What will your cozy space look like this fall? Be sure to tell me in the comments!

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