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Living in Chaos? Colored Labels Is How to Organize Your Life


People are always looking for a way to organize the chaos of hectic, everyday life. We use all kinds of technology to remind us of almost anything. Many people have virtual assistant software in their homes and offices. 

All those technology feats may help manage our busy lives, but sometimes technology can complicate the simplest of tasks. If you’re on tech overload, put down the electronics and go back to basics. 

Color coding is a fun, low-key way to control the chaos and put the smaller stuff in order. Here are a few ways colored labels can help organize your life. 

Highlight Important Details

Many people reach for a highlighter when reading a book or an important document to mark interesting or relevant passages. But if you’re among those who prefer not to deface books or documents, color-coded labels work just as well as highlighters. 

Placing a colored sticker next to the passage you want to find later is less intrusive than highlighting the text itself. The sticker can be removed if the book or document is passed to another reader.

Identify Storage Containers Quickly

Storage bins of all sizes can be color-coded for sorting purposes. This is especially useful if you have multiple kids who don’t like sharing their worldly possessions. Each can choose their favorite color and put color coding stickers on the container. 

Color coding stickers can also be used when moving instead of haphazardly writing where the box goes (kitchen, bedroom, living room, etc.). Moving is a tedious process as it is; why not make it easier with colored labels? 

Separate Files By Color

Sure, office supply stores sell multi-colored folders, but they are more expensive than plain brown or white file folders. You can save money by using color labels to keep track of your files. Files that contain related materials can have the same color label, or you can use different colored labels for each file. 

Color-coded labels make it easier to quickly find the file you’re looking for as soon as you open the filing cabinet.  

Keep Track of Food

Color-coded labels aren’t just for keeping your office orderly. Many restaurants use different colored stickers to indicate the day of the week food is prepared. This helps the chefs know how long it is safe to use it before it spoils. 

You don’t have to be a world-class chef to use color-coded labels to organize your fridge. Reduce food waste by implementing a color-coded label system to keep track of a product’s freshness.  

Just For Fun

Not only are colored labels useful for organizing, but they are also fun to use. A pop of color can change anything from mundane to delightful. Put that color-coded sticker on the flap after you seal an envelope. 

Instead of drawing stars or other symbols next to that important appointment on your wall calendar, stick on a color-coded label instead. Color draws our attention faster than words. 

Even the medical field recognizes that fact by using different colored inhalers for different medicines. 

Organizing your home or office doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Try color-coded labels today to create small areas of calmness amid the chaos called life. 

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