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Labor Day Birthday Celebration


Happy Labor Day, friends! I hope that this day brings you a day of rest and relaxation! It feels nice to have a 'day off' after the craziness of getting the kids back into school a couple of weeks ago. We've been going, going, going non-stop, and there are no signs of life slowing down, of course. That seems to be the way of it. September is always busy, and sometimes its so busy that we don't get a chance to properly celebrate my sweet husband's birthday, which usually falls on Labor Day.

This year, Sacha's birthday did fall on Labor Day, but we weren't sure if we'd get to spend a lot of time with him. He was to play a concert in Winston-Salem the night before, but it got postponed due to rain- with the make-up event on Labor Day (in the evening). That put a slight crimp in our plans to spend the day celebrating, so the kids and I got up early, blew up balloons, decorated, put our gifts, and we had a birthday breakfast. It was a nice way to spend the morning.

The day turned out to be quite rainy, which canceled our planning for grilling. The make-up concert also got rained out, so Sacha got to stay home. Sach and B went to the movies to see THOR: Love and Thunder. It turned out to be a fun birthday treat!

For dinner, we grilled chicken and zucchini and served that up with freshly baked pita bread and tzatziki. There were also delicious cream cheese brownies for dessert.

Even though the day was weird, it was nice for all of us to be home together, just chilling out, relaxing, and enjoying each other's company. We were able to take Sacha out for his birthday dinner on Friday night to one of our favorite restaurants in Kannapolis, NC, Chophouse 101. We'll go out and celebrate with my parents on Tuesday night. Sacha's a lucky ducky to get three birthday celebrations! We sure do love him!

What are your Labor Day plans? Hoping you get to relax a bit and enjoy a day off, too!

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