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Journey to the Ancient Land of Negev with Artza's Subscription Box


Many thanks to Artza for sending the Negev Box in exchange for a review. This post contains affiliate links, and we will be compensated if you make a purchase. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Journey. A simple word with so much meaning. We journey together with our families as we navigate our careers, vocations, school, and general life. We journey with our friends; both lifelong and new. Likewise, we take physical journeys to new places and on new adventures. Not only that, but we take emotional and spiritual journeys. Our faith is always on a journey too. 

When we receive our Artza boxes, we are automatically placed on a journey we might not imagine. Artza, meaning "towards the land" in Hebrew, provides the opportunity for us to journey through the land of Israel. I don't know if I will ever physically walk where Jesus once walked, but Artza provides a way to experience the culture without having to leave my home, get on an airplane, and arrive in a new land. Maybe one day, but for now, my body finds itself in the US. 

In the latest Negev box, we get to learn about the desert region and the people behind the products in this box. Negev means "dry away" in native Hebrew.  One would think of a land that is dry, devoid of life, inhabitable. Yet, this is NOT the case with this beautiful region. Yes, it's a desert and has a dry climate, but it's full of life, agriculture, creativity, and resilience. 

Let us travel back to the creation of Genesis, the first book in the bible. Abram, later known as Abraham, decided to follow God, leaving everything he knew behind him. Later, in Exodus, Moses was instructed to do the same. They both traveled through this land, Negev. A desert that provided the way to the promised land. A desert that provided the way towards God's fulfillment of God's promises. A desert that paved the way for the people that eventually, through years and years of lineage, gave birth to Jesus, the Messiah. 

The world and culture of Christianity developed from this region. The people that trusted in God traveled, ate, drank, and worshiped together, creating a culture that shaped the birth of Christ. Negev contains some of the oldest references to Christianity, found through ancient ruins. I've never been, but based on the photos shared, it looks like a beautiful place. I can only imagine it's desert unique features when Jesus was alive, when Moses and the various biblical characters of the Old Testament were alive. 

Sure, it's remote, it's a desert, it's spare, but it's a beautiful land that captivates the heart and soul of its people. The Negev desert is located south of Jerusalem, closer to Beersheba. Today, the lands are filled with small villages, larger cities, and plenty of artisans that are excited to share their products with us. 

Here are a few of the artists in this quarter's box:

  • Dani + Galit- Bakers that strive to offer flavorful but natural foods, like their Artisanal Israeli Granola! The Super berry granola is a great snack, addition to breakfast, or can be used in the creation of protein bars or balls. I absolutely love the taste and can't wait to be creative. I'm not the type to just pour milk over my granola, or add it to yogurt, but those are some simple ways it can be used. It is a dry granola, it has a great texture, and the berry flavoring is a nice touch. 

  • Adi- The Ability Boutique:  Full of children and adults with severe disabilities, Adi strives to offer opportunities for rehabilitation and healing. Proceeds of these beautiful ceramics, created during vocational workshops, help support this important ministry. The olive leaf pattern found on the ceramics ties to ancient biblical days a symbol of the land. 

  • Esther- an educator and supporter of natural products, her company Arugot, provides us with a clay mask made on her organic farm, in the same area that Abraham and Issac once dug their wells! This mask is full of kelp and nutrition that will keep our skin feeling refreshed and healthy.. plus connected to the land!
Some other wonderful products, like the Dukkah spice, a heart's card game, and for premium subscribers- a special item-are included in this quarter's box. Each item is curated to connect us to Negev and remind us that we are on a journey through the desert. 

The Dukkah spice has a peanut flavor. It comes with a recipe card!

The Game will connect you to friends and family of all ages. I could see it being played the way it's intended for-whomever wins the most hearts, wins the game. I could also see the cards be used as connection times in small groups, car trips, waiting out bad weather, or just wanting to learn more about each other. 

I think, along with all the great products, one of the intriguing parts about this particular box is a crossword puzzle that helps us learn about the region. Maybe you know the type of fruit grown in the desert? Or the crater found in the Negev region? Or even the animals that are commonly found along our journey? 

Don't forget about the premium box. It includes an extra special gift, which happens to be an art project this go around! 

These are just a few things that I didn't know! If you are interested, well, you just might have to get the Negev box and find out! (or I mean, I guess google works too- but where's the fun in that?) 

I am super excited about this Negev box and I hope you are too! 

Want it? Buy it!

Support Israeli Artisans that are still struggling as tourism hasn't fully picked up by purchasing your Negev Box. 

Receive a 25% discount using the code: MOMMY25! 

These boxes make perfect gifts! Available quarterly, subscriptions can be for regular or premium boxes. The premium box contains an extra special limited edition surprise. Subscriptions can be cancelled anytime by contacting Artza Customer service, which is very responsive! A yearly subscription is also available, which provides a discount and 5th box for free! 

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Have you ever visited the Holy Land? 

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