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How To Choose The Best Night Guard For Bruxism


Teeth grinding is a rather sensitive topic for those who have to live through the consequences of Bruxism every day. 

Chronic jaw pain can test your tolerance. Sensitivity and tooth damage is also mighty troubling, especially if you’ve been experiencing the symptoms for a few years now.

If you want to deal with these typical symptoms for good, night guards are going to be your sleep crutches. Yes, that’s how crucial the role is going to be.

Night guards save your teeth from the brutal effects of grinding. They also spare you the chance of decent sleep.

Obviously, you need to choose your night guard consciously and after due consideration. 

Need a little help? Look no further! 

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you find the best night guard.

Step 1: Understand Your Options

You’ll find a shelf full of night guards at pharmacies, all of different brands and varieties. Broadly, these products fall into two categories: pre-molded and moldable.

As the name suggests, a pre-molded night guard is ready-to-use. Made to a standard size, it will more or less fit any user. Easy to get and easy on the pockets, these night guards are popular among first-time users. 

Unfortunately, if the fitting is even a little off, such a product can do more harm than good. A single night of discomfort will make you regret the decision. They might be alright if you’re using them only for a few hours now and then.

Though not perfect, moldable or “boil and bite” night guards are slightly better. The night guard can roughly accommodate the structure of your teeth and give reasonable protection.

Your search for the best night guard ends when you get your hands on something that’s been crafted especially for you. There’s no compromise on comfort. Within a week, you’ll get habitual to sleeping with the night guard.

To save yourself time and effort, order a set of Smile Brilliant custom-fitted night guards online. The products are premium quality and professionally designed.

Step 2: Assess The Quality

Whether buying the product online or from the pharmacy, you should narrow down your alternatives based on the quality. 

Ask your dentist to recommend a good brand, or ask friends or relatives if they have any recommendations. Try to read some genuine reviews online or on social media.

You can also ask the pharmacist which product sells the most. If possible, request them to show you a sample you can physically assess.

Step 3: Consider Replacement Options

This is not an issue with over-the-counter night guards.

But when it comes to customized night guards, you shouldn’t overlook this point. Select a product that has a convenient replacement process. A reliable manufacturer will save a record of your impressions for quick reorder. 

Step 4: Choose between Upper Jaw or Lower Jaw

A night guard is easier to get accustomed to if you wear it on a set of teeth with minimal irregularities and sensitivity.

Decide whether you want a night guard for the upper jaw or the lower jaw based on your teeth arrangement. 

Step 5: Consider the Add-ons

So you’ve come down to two or more options that seem perfect from every aspect. Now, how do you arrive at the final decision?

Simple, check for the add-ons. 

Some brands may give attractive offers to encourage people to try the product. Others may hand out free accessories like a travel pouch, or cleaning products. 

When you’re paying a good price for the quality, why lose out on the freebies that come along?

The Bottom Line

Bruxism is more common than you’d expect. The symptoms range from mild to severe, but still, there are no medications. 

A night guard is your ultimate fix. You can’t afford to make a hasty choice, and risk injuring yourself. 

We’re sure the points discussed here will help you select the best night guard and relieve your symptoms.

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