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Get Healthy with SoulFull Nutrition in Salisbury, NC

SoulFull Nutrition is on a mission to bring healthy lifestyles to Salisbury, NC and beyond with delicious protein shakes healthy teas, and coffees! 
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Mariah Bosworth was an accountant assistant in Wilmington, NC for eight years when she decided she was ready to no longer sit in an office while she worked. She wanted to get out in the world and talk to people. She went into real estate and then COVID hit, shutting us all down. The market no longer suited her family with no sales and no profits, so she decided to take a break from work.
While in Wilmington she found Steadfast in Hampstead, NC, a nutrition store like what she now owns, and began using the products after giving birth to her 2nd child because she was unhappy with her weight. On the Herbalife products, she lost 20 lbs. in one month, no longer craved sugar, and had overall better health and energy. She said the whole idea of Soulfull Nutrition, “Started out as something that tasted good.”

Her husband accepted a new job which landed them in Salisbury, NC. Upon moving here, Mariah’s plan was to continue in real estate. Wanting to continue her new healthy lifestyle, she began searching for a place like Steadfast in Wilmington but found none. So, with a desire of bringing health to Salisbury and helping others fall in love with the product that helped her, she began researching the steps to start her own health and nutrition store. With determination, she said to herself “no one is gonna tell me what my ceiling is or what I am worth” and started the process of opening her own business.

Photo by Mariah Bosworth
Her research began in February 2022 and asking her mentor, Alyssa Hunter, from Wilmington to visit and help her look for the perfect place for her business. In May, Alyssa came and in the same week, they found the location at 123 East Innes Street in Salisbury. Renovations to the store began in June and lasted through July. 
While remodeling the store space, she also began pondering a name for the new business. Mariah’s grandmother, who passed away from ovarian cancer, was a big influence in her life and help give roots to her faith and beliefs. Mariah knew she wanted the business name to be faith-based so she began sitting with her faith – how it felt in her soul and various religious words. When she thought of “soul” it made her think of being “so-full” on the nutritional drinks but also being nourished in her soul by her faith. From that came the name Soulfull Nutrition.
Photo by Austin Harrington

After the renovations were complete, she had her grand opening on August 6th. She says the response from the community has been great and that she “loves the energy people in the community have and share with me when they come in.” On my visit, and subsequent visits, I have watched elated customers enjoy her coffees, teas, and shakes, all while talking with Mariah about how delicious her products are and they are so happy she has come to Salisbury. Some of the things people have commented are, “Your frappe coffees are better than Starbucks!” and “Dunkin’ who?” as well as “Forget about Dairy Queen!” and “You just changed my life!” Mariah says that she is overwhelmed with the kindness and compliments she has received.

SoulFull Nutrition's shakes taste as good as they look, but are low fat, low sugar, low carb, low calorie, and high in protein and most are also gluten-free!! The teas are sugar-free and pack a punch with metabolism-boosting energy and many great flavors to choose from! The teas give you great natural energy throughout the day. Aloe aids in digestion and helps absorb nutrients and break down protein from your shake, B12 vitamins for mental clarity and focus, plus it boosts metabolism! If coffee is more your speed, they also have high-protein coffee drinks available.

To expose more of the community to her store, she began Tea Drops. A Tea Drop is when she provides oversized samples of Soulfull Nutrition’s teas on an agreed-upon day and time along with information about the store. Mariah feels like this is a way to show appreciation to the community and gives more people a chance to get to know them and taste the teas. This is a free service for employers to share with their employees as it gives exposure to the community. So far she has provided Tea Drops for schools, colleges, and businesses! She will even create or serve a tea that fits with themes you may have – mermaid, superhero, school colors, etc.

A little about Herbalife Nutrition

Herbalife is a company on a mission to improve nutritional habits around the world with great-tasting, science-backed nutrition products that help people get the right balance of healthy nutrition. You can achieve balanced nutrition with the support of their protein shakes, weight-management programs, nutritional supplements, and sports nutrition solutions – and beauty and good feelings with our personal care products. Herbalife Trained Nutrition Independent Distributors (like Mariah!) will help you get started with better nutritional and cosmetic choices and will guide you along the way to continued wellness! Don't live near Salisbury? No worries! Visit the Herbalife website to find a distributor near you!

Mariah has worked long hours getting Soulfull Nutrition started and continues to spend about 12 hours a day scheduling, product ordering, decorating, building their social media presence, serving drinks, and the rest of her day with her husband and two boys. Mariah is very motivated and determined for this business to succeed. She wants everyone to feel like they just walked in the door to a second home.
Verian and I at SoulFull Nutrition enjoying their fall flavors or Frankenstein and Witch's Brew.

I learned about SoulFull Nutrition from a friend of mine that posted her obsession with it on Facebook. I knew I had to try the place out! Little did I know it would become a favorite hangout. I love the energy boost I get from the teas and coffees, not to mention how delicious they are! It is also my post-yoga go-to for the protein shake to reenergize me. I am now obsessed just like my friend. I tell everyone I know about SoulFull Nutrition and I wanted to share it with you as well! Not only are the products amazing, but I enjoy hanging out in the lovely decorated space and talking with Mariah as well. She really knows how to make you feel at home.

Soulfull Nutrition offers various ways to receive discounts! They have a virtual discount card, app ordering, and curbside delivery with the Clover App, cash customer discounts, giveaways, and discounts for posting on your social media!

"When you're here, you're family!" ~Mariah Bosworth


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