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Copycat Starbucks Pumpkin Cream Coldbrew Recipe

If you've been obsessed with the Starbucks Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew like I have, you'll want to check out my recipe below.

Firstly, I must say, this is not identical. It is a version that I enjoy and it is very similar. Starbucks has magical fairy dust or some other special ingredient that just gives it that extra something and I don't have that. I'm still looking for magical fairy dust. 

Cast of Characters:

Sweetened Condensed Milk
Canned Pumpkin
Pumpkin Pie Spice
Your Favorite Cold Brew
Vanilla Extract
Heavy Whipping Cream
Whole Milk

I use my Ninja blender to combine a two tablespoons of pumpkin puree, 1/3 cup of heavy cream, small splash of milk, three tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk, 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla and spices to taste. It becomes thick and lightly orange in color. 

My favorite cold brew of the moment is from Chameleon but you do you. This is very delicious and I really do enjoy it but it is not as sweet as the Starbucks version. Like I said, something is in that drink! If you want to save some "bucks", try this at-home version. Let me know if you do!



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