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A Box of Ameowzing Things for You and Your Cats Every Month with a Subscription from CatLadyBox


CatLadyBox is all about creating the best products to show off your cat lady pride in the most stylish and fun ways.

Each month has a new theme -- like Pampurr Yourself, Another Day in Purradise, or Meowloween! -- and the things in each box are inspired by that theme. 

Some of their most popular past products have been an exclusive umbrella with a design by one of our favorite cat lady artists, a gorgeous tote made with Pantone's spring color of the year, an exclusive set of Cat Butt Pillowcases, delicious handcrafted artisan soaps in flavors like Purrvana and Serenity Meow, a pair of sterling Shining Star cat earrings, our custom-designed shirts, and much more.

Plus, when you choose the Crazy CatLadyBox option, you also get special goodies for your cats to enjoy! Their super-fun cat toys always match the theme, and most are created just for CatLadyBox.

Miette could not contain his excitement when he got a wiff of the box! He was ready to open it immediately. As I opened it, he began digging in the box and pulling out the toys. He was a hoot. The catnip play was ON! He really enjoyed everything and even shared a couple things with me after making sure his scent was on them. He was so excited, that he even posted about it on his Instagram! You can see it here.

And best of all, CatLadyBox donates every single month to cat rescues and charities! It's a win-win for Cat Ladies and cats alike!

Want it? Get it!

Check out their monthly subscription boxes and purchase for the cat lover in you or that you know on their website!

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