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Wordless Wednesday: Dog Days of Summer


Oh, summer... why have you passed us by so quickly? From afternoon swim sessions at the lake and family beach week to evenings at the ballpark, we've made lots of wonderful memories during summer break. There are a lot of things we didn't get to this summer, but we've been renovating our house, which taken spot number one in order of importance. Spending time with our kids has also been even more important to us this summer. Life has changed so much for us this past year, it almost feels like everything is new.

While some things are staying the same, we have a new home in a new city, and the kids are going to a new school in just a couple of weeks. Gives a new meaning to 'He makes all things new.' Summer will still be going strong for a while after school starts, but you can bet I'll be out and about with Baby C, in line to get my PSL the first day they're available, and shopping my heart out at Hobby Lobby and Home Goods to make preparations for fall in our new home.

How will you be spending the last few weeks of summer?

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