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Truly Beauty Is Truly Amazing

Thanks so much to Truly Beauty for sending product to review. All thoughts shared are my own. 

If you haven't seen Truly Beauty floating around social media, then I'm not sure where you've been!

Truly Beauty is popping up all over Tiktok and if you're anything like me, I had to find out for myself what the buzz is all about!

Tiktok Bundle

This is the viral Tiktok Bundle and when it arrived, I was honestly floored at how beautiful the packaging is and the quality of each component. I admired the beauty of the products before I even opened the lid! However, once the lid comes off, WOW. Just wow. I get it. I understand the hype. 

I called in my family to smell how delectable these fragrances are. 

Buns of Glowry

This product is a smoothing butt polish that claims to tighten and give a glow. It is vegan, cruelty-free and has high performance ingredients. This product is $28 and comes in a glass jar. This is the first of it's kind I have ever used. It's a retexturizing booty scrub. Now, can you use this scrub on other parts of your body? Of course. However, it is designed for this purpose:

Give your tush an extra push with Buns Of Glowry Tighten & Glow Smoothing Butt Polish. Its two key ingredients - wheat protein and watermelon extract! Wheat protein's film-forming properties will increase firmness of the skin, while minimizing the appearance of fine lines and cellulite. Amino-rich watermelon extract will intensely hydrate and plump your skin - leaving you with a firm derriere that glows!

I mean, come on. We LOVE a product that will help the booty to have a little boost! As a woman who has had significant weight loss, skin tightening is something I'm always interested in. As we age, our skin loses it's elasticity and we need to find products that give it back. 

I absolutely love the fragrance and the way my skin feels. I think I will need to use the products for a few weeks in order to be able to give a full report on the results but as of now, I love this product. 

Unicorn Fruit

Another favorite in the TikTok Bundle is Unicorn Fruit Whipped Body Butter. This is candy-scented and smooths the skin beautifully. This body butter is a daily essential for the entire body. Your skin will be so touchably soft and will smell divine. 

Truly Beauty is a company that is extremely popular and sometimes when this happens, it makes us common folk wonder what the fuss is all about. I enjoy discovering for myself and drawing a conclusion. This company is seriously exceptional. The ingredient list is incredible and you can check that out for yourself on their website where they list out every single ingredient.

The TikTok Bundle is $113 and will save you $20 when you purchase these six items as a bundle. I'm a fan and I think you're going to love these products! 

If you have a skincare loving friend or family member, any one of these products individually make the perfect gift. Truly Beauty sometimes offers promotions, such as the one going on today. You can receive a free: ACAI YOUR BOOBIES serum with every $120 purchase!

Don't get me started on the names of these products. I'm obsessed. Take care of your skin. Treat yourself to beautiful products that make you feel amazing. You deserve it because you are amazing.


Check out all of Truly Beauty's products on their website and maybe even snag a bundle and save! You can also stay connected on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

We are so proud to partner with Truly Beauty this summer to share some of our favorite skincare brands with you. 



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