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Three Things You Can Do to Make Yourself Feel Great Everyday


Hey, all! Happy day! My kids have been fighting the crud since late last week, and I started feeling lousy early Saturday. Colds are no fun, but even when I'm feeling yucky, I like to do little things to perk up my spirit (and my look).

Here are things I do daily to make myself feel my very best:

#1- Get dressed!

I rarely make staying in Activewear a habit (unless I'm doing something that requires me to be really active) during the day. I plan outfits for the week, often laying them out the night before I intend on wearing them. It makes getting dressed in the mornings a breeze, and makes me feel put together, even if I'm just picking up kids or running errands.

#2- Keep your makeup routine simple.

I have about 5 minutes for makeup, and that's it. A little concealer to brighten the eyes, a color stick for cheeks, quick brows, and always a lip color. Even little touches can elevate your look & help ya feel your best. 

#3- Add Jewelry.

Accessories make an outfit pop with personality. I go for fish hook earrings (because I have a handsy baby), and love bracelets. Keep it simple, light, or go glam... it's up to you! Just remember Coco Chanel's golden rule & take off the last thing you put on. In other words, don't overdo it, and don't wear too many trends all at once.

What do you think? Are these tips ones you already follow, or will you add these to your daily routine?

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