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Prepare Wonderful Meats with The Meatstick Wireless Thermometer


Thanks to The Meatstick for sending over their Meatstick Mini in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

I've had many "oh, no" and "ugh" moments in cooking over the years. Using too much baking powder, causing the rise of oozing dough almost out of the oven (cue the sitcom canned laughter now), exploding Pyrex dishes, and the worst of all... uncooked or improperly cooked meat. Honestly, in my world, there's not much worse in kitchen disasters than guests finding out their fried chicken isn't quite done all the way. Okay, maybe that expensive strip of steak being burned to a crisp is worse. It's a toss-up, right?

No matter if you are the type to forget that you have food cooking, or whether you open the oven door too many times, letting valuable heat escape, the Meatstick Mini could save your food... and your gatherings! 

The Meatstick offers wireless thermometers to help ensure our meat products cook the length and timing they are supposed to. The Meatstick provides great instructions to set up your thermometer as well as recipes, cooking times, and insights. 

Ok, in full disclosure, in the hottest part of the summer with heat indexes hitting up towards 108, I've not really been in the mood to cook proper meals. Knowing I needed to test out this Meatstick mini, I broke out my air fryer for a hamburger. (Yep, you can cook hamburgers in the air fryer). 

The Air-fryer and I have an interesting relationship. I haven't "quite" figured out the length and temps needed to cook certain items, like hamburgers or chicken tenders, so with the help of the Meatstick website and a quick google search, I was on my way to a great tasting burger! (Granted, if I had a grill, it would probably be even better, but, alas apartment life). 

The Meatstick Mini comes in 2 formats. The Meatstick Mini connects via bluetooth up to 33ft away, with a limited range of 6 ft while in the oven. The Meastick MiniX can connect up to 260 ft away. The Mini comes with a charger, instructions, and is SMALL! It's only 5.5 CM thick and 9.5 CM long. 

Instructions include details about setting up The MeatStick App, pairing your meatstick mini with your phone or tablet via Bluetooth, and gives recommendations on temp settings, as well as cleaning instructions. I especially love the remaining and lapsed time features!

Setting up the app and connecting via Bluetooth were very simple for the tech-minded individual. If this is a gift for someone not tech oriented, please take the opportunity to offer to set up the app and meatstick with them, showing the recipient how to use it. 

Also, the Meatstick Mini does not arrive charged, so be sure to put batteries into the charger and charge it for the recommended time prior to use. When the battery of the meatstick is too low, it won't send a signal to the app. 

One thing I noticed after getting everything set up was the notifications! All the notifications are pushed through via the app, unless otherwise set. The app also recommends certain settings so that you will be notified when your food items are complete. This is very helpful when involved in other tasks around the house. The notifications will give you indications of how long and at what temps your foods have currently reached, as well as the time left. If your food heats up faster than the time indicated, it will also remind you to take it out in a certain time frame. 

Washing the Meatstick is super easy too! Be sure to use a pot-holder when removing the meatstick from your item because it's super hot! It needs time to cool before officially washing. It is dishwasher safe, but I'd probably keep handwashing mine (and be sure it doesn't end up down the garbage disposal drain, as it is so small). 

What to use the Meatstick Mini in? Air-Fryers, Oven, Grills, Crock-Pots, etc, although you need to be aware of the temp regulations and signal. Extended signals might be needed if used in a smoker or grill. The Meatstick Mini can withstand temps up to 572 F (including the handle) with an internal sensor of 185 F. Be careful using in open flame, as high heat intensity can destroy the Meatstick's ability to work properly. 

Do not use the Meatstick Mini or regular Meatstick for low-temp cooking (109 F and lower, the meatstick mini will turn off), microwaves, Dutch ovens, and pressure cookers. Either the temp is too strong or a signal won't reach your device via Bluetooth. 

For those of us with smaller living spaces and no yards, the Meatstick Mini is the perfect option, especially if cooking tends to be for one or two. If you have a larger family, a larger home, and a larger outdoor living space, then definitely opt for the MeatstickX or Meatstick MiniX with extended range. Extenders and Wifi Bridge sets will help extend the range of your meatstick or mini, so that it connects properly to your device. 

This thermometer beats all others I have, just becuase of its wireless feature! No more guessing the timing (especially if you "forgot" to set the timer), opening the oven door, and wondering if your meat is done with the Meatstick Mini!

This summer (and fall), keep your grilling, oven baked, or air-fried game to perfection by using the Meatstick or Meatstick Mini to regulate your cooking temps. You will love the ease, accessibility, and even taste of your meats! Hopefully the Meatstick will save you time and money as you head back to school when it reminds you to taste the meal out of the oven! 

Want it? Get it!

Find the Meatstick Mini, Meatstick, and all extender products to prepare for great meals with your family and friends! 

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  1. MeatStick Mini max internal temp is only 185F. The MeatStick max internal is 212F.


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