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National Purple Heart Day

E started his military service right before covid shut the world down. It was a terrifying and proud moment for me. I have family and friends that were in the military and their tales scared me for my sweet sensitive boy. I didn't know much about the military and how it would change him. So I read a lot and learned a lot so I would be better prepared to help him during his time with the military. 

Today, is an important day for all those that have serviced. Today, is National Purple Heart Day. It is a Day of remembrance of those that were killed or wounded during their service.  Today, I honor my grandfather and my brother in law as they both earned a purple heart during their service. 

I ask all of you to show a kind gesture to a stranger, someone you know, or even to yourself today. I ask you to celebrate those that give and gave up their freedom to ensure we have ours. Love yourself and those around you because tomorrow is not promised. 

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