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Kids Will Drink Anything When you Add Ice Cubes from the Silicone Ice Cube Tray from HuBee

Make everyday drinks fun with this silicone mini ice cube tray that makes 12 specially shaped mini ice cubes in a cute Beehive-shaped design.

The flexible silicone makes it easy to remove ice, while the rigid silicone body maintains its shape for filling, moving, and storage. The cover keeps out odors and allows you to stack multiple trays. The loop allows you to hang up the Beehive for easy storage.

Key Features:

  • Makes 12 uniquely-shaped ice cubes
  • Cute and miniature design
  • Flexible silicone for easy ice cube release
  • Strap for hanging 
“HuBee” comes from the words: Hub + BeeTheir products are designed to make your home a cool and organized Hub. They are inspired by Bees because they are cute and artful - through dedication, they create masterful and beautiful hives. HuBee admires these qualities–some of their products are even shaped like beehives like our mini ice cube trayThey felt that a combination of Hub and Bee expresses what they created and named their brand “HuBee.”

Want it? Get it!

Check out the variety of housewares HuBee offers and make a purchase to liven up your "Hub" on their website!

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