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How to make Instagram page get followers in a blink of an eye: 2022 short guide


Today Instagram has over 500 million daily active followers and over 1 billion active monthly ones – this fact wins this platform a place in a TOP of social media websites that are worthy and efficient in terms of online business and promotion. If you’re interested in such, this article was written for you; but if you’re simply looking for ways to find a decent and loyal audience this text is also going to be quite helpful for you. 

We will look through several methods and tools that you can take advantage of in terms of quick and efficient Instagram page’s promotion and you can easily get Free followers on Instagram by iDigic. It is fair to say that in 2022 the principles of promotion have changed drastically, and to succeed you first need to get some knowledge in this sphere. We’d recommend you start using those methods from the free ones and then slowly add the paid ones (such as a chance to buy Instagram followers) to your promotional campaign. However, if you’re aiming for great results from the very beginning, make sure that you spread your budget decently to be able to use all of those methods from the very start. 

Activity chats 

These are the chats on Telegram and What’s App where content creators gather to give each other some support. This method is highly efficient for beginners, who don’t have any followers yet. This method will bring a non-specific and non-permanent audience to your profile, which is why it is important to remember that later on you’d have to replace with permanent and highly specific readers. But at the very beginning of your career it is important to create a visibility of success – and fellow bloggers who need the same can help you a lot. Plus, in these chats you will be able to get “collegial” bonds formed – later in time you will be able to come to these people for some free mutual PR.


This is a good way to invite people to check out the content on your page – and get yourself some potentially interested audience as well. Be polite, intelligent and share opinions with the blogger’s audience, so that they would pay attention to what you’re saying. Make sure that you have a clear and catchy main picture and “saying” username, which will give people in the comments thread a clear understanding of who you are and what you’re doing online. Choose several big and influential bloggers in your niche and visit their pages to comment daily, so that you’d have a pool of comments by your side where you can be active and find potentially interested people who might want to check out your stuff.

A possibility to purchase subscribers 

If you see that you’re lacking subscribers, you can buy real Instagram followers and close that question for you once and for all. The only nuance is that you have to make sure that you’re purchasing real subs that will show positive influence on your page’s statistics and won’t destroy them in a day. Fakes and bots are definitely not good for your page, Instagram’s algorithms see if a page has too many interactions with the fake pages and starts to count it as fake too. You should check the quality of the services that a promotional platform offers and ask a manager about the process of subs’ delivery if you cannot find that info on the website itself. Plus, remember that any paid service is only a support to your own efforts and interactions with the audience, so you should be paying attention to that in the first place. 

Cross posting

If you were able to gather a somewhat big audience on any other social media platform, you should definitely use that possibility – if people love your content on one website, they will love it on the other one as well for sure. So try to organize a transfer of the audience from one platform to another by writing several inviting posts and encouraging people to join your “new party”. If you’re selling or promoting something, you can motivate people by giving the first subscribers certain gifts or discount codes, or organize a meet and greet for your Insta subs to build up that special bond between a content creator and their audience. 

Influence marketing 

This is your opportunity to cooperate with a big blogger and ask them for an ad of your content in their story or in their post. We’d say that the second option is more convenient and impactful, although you’re the only one to choose the format here. The price of such an option will vary a lot, depending on the “scale” of the blogger and what criteria they have for collaborations and PR. We’d recommend you to choose several big bloggers from your niche and collaborate with them at the same time, so that you’d be ready for a big flow of new subs on your profile – prepare interesting content for them beforehand and find time to be online and interact with them as they are coming. 

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