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Did you know this about Kim Kardashian? A Guide

If you were to ask anyone about Kim Kardashian, chances are that they’ll know a little bit about her. After all, she’s one of the most recognizable names and brands on the entire planet, and was even recently listed as a certified billionaire! 

But with that strong success and global reputation comes a lot of assumptions and misconceptions about this entrepreneur. From young business ideas to using her law knowledge to help release prisoners, there’s more than meets the eye to this inspiring mother, business person, and creative company mogul. 

Here are just a few things you may not know about Kim Kardashian, and the things she’s accomplished throughout her life. 

Did you know that Kim has a clothing line that celebrates different body shapes? 

Ever wondered why shapewear has become so incredibly popular all of a sudden? Well, if your social media newsfeed is filled with people praising these garments, you have Kim to thank for it! 

What has once been deemed an oppressive and restrictive item of women’s clothing has now become an unapologetic celebration of women’s bodies, no matter what size they are! SKIMS, the Kardashian clothing line, has seen Kim’s vision of no body ever being made to feel too big or small come to life, achieving global recognition in the process.

The versatility and breathable fabric of SKIMS shapewear let you accentuate, smooth, or shape your body as you please, whether it’s for a big night out, a session at the gym, or just because you feel like it! 

Did you know that Kim has used her law education to help others? 

While being a full-time mother, entrepreneur, and celebrity, Kim’s passion for law and the justice system sometimes leads to her advocating for the release of others depending on the kinds of cases she comes across. 

Over the years, she has even visited the White House to try and put her celebrity status and legal knowledge to good use by helping others. In fact, she accomplished this in 2017, when President Trump agreed to meet with her and requested the release of a 64-year-old woman who was serving a life sentence at the time for a nonviolent drug charge.

On top of this, Kim is a keen advocate of helping reformed prisoners to gain education and employment opportunities once released! 


Did you know that Kim earned her success on her own?

Despite her privileged upbringing, Kim’s Father made it clear to his daughters that money is something that’s earned, not handed to them. Therefore, he told them that once their educations ended, they’d be expected to earn their own money. 

Kim certainly didn’t need to wait around and be told, as she was already making waves in business ventures. In fact, since 2009, she’s been working with other business people and formulating successful companies. Some are rebranded with the times, and others are sold off for huge profits, but all of them are a testament to her hard work and business ethics. 

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