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Tarot Card Meanings

 Tarot is great. It can be a fantastic way for you to find out things about your future, although any practitioner of Tarot will tell you, that you should not get too serious, as the meanings may not be what you think they are. 

Oftentimes a tarot reading can bring you answers, and they may come to fruition, but not in the way you expected, so remember this as the cards are drawn. 

Each card in the Tarot deck will have its own meaning, for both upright and reversed cards. Once you know what these are you will be able to better understand their meanings and advice. 

For this reason, we will not be giving a large explanation like you may find in some places, Instead, we will provide you with the basic meaning. 


Because with the basic meaning you can better interpret it as per your situation. 

The Major Arcana 

  • The Fool - Take a chance with things.

  • The Magician - Manifest your own destiny.

  • The High Priestess - Open your third eye, trust your intuition.

  • The Empress - You are the embodiment of strength, remember this, but don’t get vain.

  • The Emperor - A leader embodies you or someone else, do not get power hungry.

  • The Hierophant - Seek out guidance and look to discovery.

  • The Lovers - Romance, partnership and compassion is present, but not always in romantic form.

  • The Chariot - Strength and triumph is ahead on this path.

  • Strength - Manifest your inner power, trust yourself and take the plunge.

  • The Hermit - It is okay to seek alone time, solitude is good in moderation.

  • Justice - Justice and recompense is coming if the path remains the same.

  • Wheel Of Fortune - Ying and Yang, things will rise and fall, trust in balance.

  • Death - Death stands for change and new beginnings if upright.

  • The Hanged Man - Learn to stop hanging on to the things that do not serve you. 

  • Temperance - Temperance is a symbol of balance, seeking out a middle ground.

  • The Devil -  The devil stands for the shadow inside us rejected by society. 

  • The Star - Good things are on the horizon, stay hopeful.

  • The Tower - A symbol of bad things to come, arguments, conflict, disruption. 

  • The Sun - Connect with yourself, refresh yourself and connect with your inner personality.

  • Judgment - Find your freedom from your inner conflicts and battles.

  • The Moon - Representative of dreams, sensitivity and imagination. 

  • The World - Connect with the true nature of oneself, follow creative freedoms and realize your truth. 


  • Ace of Wands - New career beginnings.

  • Two of Wands - A new partnership.

  • Three of Wands - Success ahead.

  • Four of Wands - Rest up.

  • Five of Wands - Good things ahead.

  • Six of Wands - Effort bears fruits.

  • Seven of Wands - Success ahead.

  • Eight of Wands - Slow down.

  • Nine of Wands - Enjoy successes.

  • Ten of Wands - Reorganize life.

  • Page of Wands - A positive message.

  • Knight of Wands - Be flexible.

  • Queen of Wands - Leadership.

  • King of Wands - Step forward.


  • Ace of Cups - Joy and abundance ahead.

  • Two of Cups - Friendships and romance bloom.

  • Three of Cups - A fresh start.

  • Four of Cups - Stagnation in love.

  • Five of Cups - Dissatisfaction in love.

  • Six of Cups - Seek out old friends.

  • Seven of Cups - Stay focused.

  • Eight of Cups - Restlessness is an issue.

  • Nine of Cups - Success at last! 

  • Ten Of Cups - Happy homes!

  • Page of Cups - Be patient.

  • Knight of Cups - New romantic ventures ahead.

  • Queen of Cups - Creativity and compassion.

  • King of Cups - Be responsible and honest.


  • Ace of Swords - Triumph through strength. 

  • Two of Swords - Friendship and reconciliation is the way forward.

  • Three of Swords - Argument and strife may be ahead.

  • Four of Swords - Relief from struggle.

  • Five of Swords - Destruction, Waste and loss undermine your spirits.

  • Six of Swords - A journey or opportunity helps you realize your dreams.

  • Seven of Swords - Hope appears after much struggle, but be vigilant.

  • Eight of Swords - Blame, illness, or criticism frustrate your plans.

  • Nine of Swords - Deception and even violence may be ahead.

  • Ten of Swords - Calamity ahead.

  • Page of Swords - A spy or sleuth is in the midst.

  • Knight of Swords - Upheaval will lead to success.

  • Queen of Swords - Sorrow turns to wisdom.

  • King of Swords - Justice is sought out.


  • Ace of Pentacles - Contentment.

  • Two of Pentacles - Rollercoaster of a journey.

  • Three of Pentacles - Start new projects.

  • Four of Pentacles - Rewards.

  • Five of Pentacles - Financial problems.

  • Six of Pentacles - Financial success.

  • Seven of Pentacles - Rewards.

  • Eight of Pentacles - Appreciation.

  • Nine of Pentacles - Rewards.

  • Ten of Pentacles - Rest on your laurels.

  • Page of Pentacles - Hard-working attitude.

  • Knight of Pentacles - Beware reckless spending.

  • Queen of Pentacles - Diplomacy.

  • King of Pentacles - Confidence and intelligence.

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  1. Tarot cards are associated with divination—unlocking the secrets of the future by occult, supernatural means. Divination is strictly prohibited in the Bible.


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