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Sweet and Simple Desserts with Sunday Night Foods


Thanks to Sunday Night Foods for these great sauces in exchange for my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Summer is a time for laughter, family gatherings, cook-outs, and campfires! Food is one of the staples that gathers people together, no matter what type of activity it might be, or what day of the week. Often times, summer gatherings include partaking in delicious summer desserts. Growing up, no matter whether the dessert included ice-cream or cake, there was always a chocolate sauce nearby at most of the gatherings I went to.  

My affinity for chocolate of all kinds-sauces, bars, etc. has grown over the years, I love quality chocolate made with good ingredients. 

Sunday Night Foods has the perfect chocolate sauce that covers all the bases! Made with Guittard chocolate & cocoa, fresh cream & butter, sugar, pure Nielsen-Massey vanilla, and sea salt, these chocolate sauces will be the highlight of the party!

Started over a passion for food, and a love for creating joy with her friends + family, the Sunday Night Foods founder aims to provide generosity, love, and joy for all people simply because she loves to love others and loves to follow her passions. 

Chocolate lovers will rejoice at the smooth deep rich taste that Sunday Night Foods sauces provide their taste buds. These sauces can be mixed into desserts, used in frostings, added as an Ice-Cream Sundae topping, and used for fruit + cheese fondues! 

I received the 3 Flavored Gift Pack to use this summer season. The set includes Sweet + Rich, Dark + Decadent, and the Dark Chocolate + Sea Salt. Each sauce has its own unique flavor that will enhance the type of dessert used with it. 

They arrived just in time for the July 04th festivities, so I immediately used a jar to make cake frosting! Using the  Dark + Decadent sauce, I made chocolate cake frosting with milk and icing sugar. One of my favorite cakes is a simple yellow cake, so I paired this frosting with  a yellow cake for a fabulous dessert. The yellow cake was layered with this frosting, then decorated on the outside as well. 

I received many compliments from those that attended a cook-out I was invited too. We know that sometimes chocolate sauces can be super sweet and too rich, off setting the dessert it was paired with. Yet, the compliments I received were all about how this sauce was just the right amount of sweet to offset the cake! I was very surprised that people loved it so much! 

The Dark + Decadent sauce claims to have a cocoa finish mixed with fruit and spice flavors. I didn't pick up the fruity flavors so much as the cocoa and warm spice finishes. This is definitely a rich sauce, but doesn't leave your stomach with that "ugg, I just ate a bunch of sugar" flavoring. I would definitely recommend this sauce for frostings, brownies, and Chocolatey desserts for sure!

Next up is the Dark Chocolate + Sea Salt sauce. I used this sauce as a base for homemade ice cream. I have a super easy ice cream machine that mixes up very well, once the base is frozen for a while. So using a simple non-egg chocolate ice cream recipe, this chocolate sauce was substituted for cocoa or other chocolate chips. 

The Sea Salt flavoring gives this chocolate ice cream an enjoyable edge that I didn't anticipate. The sauce is claimed to have a savory, salty finish as one dives into its wonderful chocolate base. This is truly the case, and I would recommend this sauce for those pairings that you might want a salty finish. It probably wouldn't work as a brownie base, but would be great with added layers like peanut butter, pretzels, or just used as a fondue sauce. 

The third sauce is still in my cabinet for future use, but I'm sure that it's Sweet + Rich flavoring will make the perfect use in almost any dessert I dream up. It's claim to fame is its warm buttery finish that would work well in homemade brownies, cakes, or cookie skillets. I can't wait to use it!

I also love how inclusive these sauces are for our allergy friends out there. One of my good friends needs to be nut-free, which takes away most processed sauces because they are probably made in plants with peanut type products. I could safely claim that Sunday Night Foods sauces are free of artificial flavorings, nuts, preservatives, gluten, and even corn syrup! 

Finally, one of my favorite things about Sunday Night Foods is their commitment to advocate for and support Mental health. This area of healthcare is often overlooked and is much needed. Not only does Sunday Night Foods provide a wonderful Chocolatey delight for our bellies, but the joy of baking, cooking, and gathering together is needed for community and joy. With that in mind, Sunday Night Foods donates 1% of sales to the National Alliance on Mental Health. 

If you are looking for a quality chocolate sauce that can be used in many ways, served warm or room temp, then Sunday Night Foods is definitely going to be your go- to sauce. Go ahead and try them out. There is still plenty of time left this summer to enjoy Sundays (or any day of the week)  with great quality foods, friends, and chocolate! 

Want it? Get it!

You might be lucky to find Sunday Night Foods near you. Use the store locator to see if products are available near you. Otherwise, head over to Sunday Night Foods to find your perfect flavor or gift set! 

Follow Sunday Night Foods Socials for great inspiration and recipe ideas. 

What's your favorite dessert? 

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