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Super Simple Home Decor Ideas For Your Kid’s Room


No matter the age of your kids, you want them to be safe and happy in their bedroom, regardless of its size. How can this be achieved? With the right furnishings and decor! If you make their room a place that looks nice, is comfortable, and has activities for them to do in there, then you’re onto a winner. Let’s look at some super easy, affordable ways for you to make your child’s bedroom a place that they adore.


Create a Picture Wall

Getting the visuals right is half of the work when it comes to your kid’s room. What are their favourite things? Do they love a certain animal or tv character? Create some canvas prints of some cute pictures and bring to life their bedroom walls! You can do this together - let them pick the images out with you and then you can organize them as a team. Letting them help you out will make them feel valued and important, allowing them to have a say in how their room is presented. This is a simple, cheap way of incorporating something they love into their bedroom.


Showcase Their Work and Achievements

If your kids have won any awards, painted pictures at school or nursery, or anything similar, then make sure you celebrate this. Let them know you’re proud of them by putting an emphasis on showcasing any of their work or achievements. Having this in their room will also act as inspiration for them in future, as it will spur them on to create more art pieces, or work towards achieving more awards.


“Fun” Lighting Options

Kids love anything that’s a little bit different, so if you can find some cool lighting for them, it’ll provide hours of entertainment whilst also serving a purpose. For example, there are bedroom lights that have projectors that turn the bedroom walls into the galaxy. Or you can find night lights in all different quirky shapes and sizes. You have so many choices when it comes to this, and your kids will absolutely love them. This is a chance to get creative and have fun with their bedroom decor!


Smart Storage Solutions

Your kids probably have lots of toys, arts and crafts tools, and various other miscellaneous items spread across their room. So, it’s time to incorporate some smart storage solutions. This could be cute animal wall decor that can be used to hold coats or items of clothing, a pretty but practical bookshelf with all their favourite reads, or under-bed boxes to keep all of their toys tidy. Storage is essential if you want to create order in your kid’s bedroom. It decreases the likelihood of items getting lost and underlines the importance of keeping everything in place.


The most important thing when it comes to your kid’s bedroom is that they have everything that they need - a comfortable place to sleep, plenty of room to play, and a safe space where they can find peace. Incorporating some of these ideas, as well as your own, will make it somewhere that they can enjoy all the more. 

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