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Stay Organized this School Year with Name Bubbles Labels


This is a sponsored post on behalf of Name Bubbles, and this post contains affiliate links. Mommy's Block Party may make a commission on items purchased through links in this post. All thoughts are my own.

Are your kids ready to head back to school? If your kids are anything like mine, they're excited for the new school year to begin and are driving you bonkers over all of the fun, shiny, and new products they need and want as they prepare to head back to class. My kids have long wish lists of everything from fancy pencil cases and backpacks to new sneakers and clothes, but when it comes to back-to-school prep, I have my own wish list!

Every mom knows that it takes a bit of prep and organization to get ready to head back to school. I start back-to-school prep about one month before the official first day back. I already have the kids' school supply lists, I'm scouting deals on clothes, and shoes, and like a resourceful gal, I'm looking through last year's items to see what is salvageable vs. what needs to be replaced.

One thing that I can't live without as I start prepping for back to school is name labels for each of my kiddos. I started using name labels when B was a baby, and I haven't looked back since! They're such a sanity-saver (for parents, teachers, and kids). While my kids are in different stages of student life (they're eleven and six), they can and do both benefit from having their items labeled for school.

My favorite place to shop for name labels is Name Bubbles! Their School Labels Packs are just what we need to start the school year off on an organized foot! With 89 labels in all shapes and sizes, the School Labels Packs will have your labeling needs covered for the entire school year! There are so many fun designs to choose from. My unicorn-loving girl would love the Unicorn Label Pack, and my older (cool kid) would love any of the sports themed designs. There are tons to choose from. Every child will find a look they love and are proud to have stamped across their belongings. Just choose your child's favorite design, add their information, and order! You'll soon have an entire pack of labels in your mailbox.

My kids love labeling their school supplies (and their teachers will love them for doing this before school starts). It helps them get back into the mood and groove of the school year flow. It also gives them a little bit of a 'say' in customizing their items for school and letting their personalities shine.

Tip: Don't just stop at school supplies when it comes to labeling items. Label your child's gear, too! Lunch boxes, backpacks, jackets, instrument cases, and the insides of shoes should all be labeled. You can even choose labels that can be ironed onto clothing and are safe to wash. My kids are going to have a great time choosing their labels for the new school year. I can't wait to see which designs they choose!

Want them? Get them!

Don't start the school year without Name Bubbles labels! Grab your custom School Labels Pack, and you'll be set for the whole school year! Save 20% sitewide with Code BTS20, Valid 7/1- 9/30.

Which pack of labels would your kiddos love for the new school year?

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