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Ships Crossing

My husband works so much it feels like we are ships that cross in the night. Don't get me wrong, I'm thankful for the life I have because my husband works so hard, but sometimes it's lonely. I've been a little down with him gone all the time and having an empty nest is still really hard for me. I have too much time on my hands and not enough things to do to occupy myself.  
 Yesterday, I decided to leave my comfort zone and go out and do errands.  They weren't anything special, but the company that I took made it so much better. My pup, Thor, normally hates going in the car, but when I told him we'd go get a burger he was over the moon excited to go. Have you ever watched a dog that is so excited they are shaking with enthusiasm? It's so precious. I had the best dinner date with him. 
A quick visit to my see my youngest niece and baby cuddles made it a great day. She's just at the age where she stands to be picked up and she wanted Auntie snuggles. She always wants Auntie snuggles 😁

I often find that if I don't take time to appreciate the small things then I am not truly living. I've hidden away from people because of anxiety, guilt over leaving my dog, or just sitting inside my own head. Life isn't about big moments, money or material things. It's single moments that bring you joy.
My husband may work a lot, but I have the freedom of financial security. I have time to read, shop, or anything else I could desire because he is so hard working. It's days like this that I am reminded to be humble and appreciate the man he is. 

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