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Online English Teachers Help Cultivate Your Linguistic Talents


English is a Germanic language sporting Romance and Latinate influences. Despite being notoriously difficult to pick up later in life, English fluency can be a powerful tool for those interested in learning the language. Some learners might be incentivized by school or work, others by the fun and challenge of picking up a new language.

No matter the occasion, private online tutors can help you master English (or any other language, for that matter)! 

According to Statista, over 1.5 billion people in the world speak English, although only a fraction of those people—360 million, to be more precise—speak English as a native language. Of those 360 million, 212 million live in Europe. These proportions are part of what makes English a “lingua franca,” or language used to bridge the gap between two speakers whose native languages are different. 

What Opportunities Can English Fluency Give Me? 

Colloquially known as “the language of commerce”, English is also the  unofficial language of the internet, diplomacy, tourism, and even the sciences. English is spoken in many countries across the globe, meaning that English fluency can help you secure a job at almost any company, locally or overseas. Typically considered to be “the language of commerce,” English is also widely considered the unofficial language of diplomacy, the internet, and tourism. 

All kinds of doors open for those who are willing to spend the resources to master the English language. Luckily, you don’t have to go it alone—you can find plenty of experienced, professional tutors on websites like Eurekly.com.

Few languages subject learners to the same amount of internal inconsistency as English. While it is one of the most widely spoken languages today, picking up the nuances isn’t easy, even for those who are already fluent in one of its linguistic relatives, like German or French. Homonyms are notoriously difficult (“bow” could mean one of three things), and English words often aren’t spelled the way they are pronounced. For example, “sigh” rhymes with “why,” but are spelled quite differently. The same goes for “though” and “row.” Not to mention, English speakers often make heavy use of colloquial phrases and slang, which can be challenging for students to pick up.

What Qualities Should I Look For In An English Teacher? 

For students who are attempting to pick up English later in life, it can be helpful to have a native English-speaking tutor to guide them. Native English speakers often have a rich, deep relationship with the language and its culture that translates into nuance and mastery that is hard to replicate. 

However, not everyone may be willing to jump into immersive or English-only courses at once. A strong alternative is to find a bilingual tutor fluent in the student’s native tongue. These tutors are far more likely to be closely attuned to common language-learning struggles faced by speakers of the student’s native language.

Neither option is all-around better than the other, and each student will come to the table with unique learning needs. In any circumstance, the best tutors are seasoned professionals with relevant expertise and a personality as well as teaching style that are compatible with the student’s own. Luckily, with websites like Eurekly, students can pick from a variety of tutors with all kinds of backgrounds, language fluency, and teaching strengths. 

What Makes Online Tutoring Such A Good Option? 

While in-person tutoring sessions are often expensive and likely require a commute, online tutoring sessions can be done from the convenience and safety of your own home. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about local scarcity again!

Language learning apps are excellent supplements to regular classes, but on their own can’t provide the nuanced feedback of a real teacher or tutor.

Classroom environments come with plenty of distractions, as well as other students, all vying for the teacher’s attention and support. Private tutoring sessions mean that the focus is on one student, and the teaching progresses at the student’s pace and according to their needs and interests. 

Because of how populated the world of online teaching has become, rates per session tend to be highly competitive—sometimes as low as $10. With the advent of online learning, private tutoring is more accessible than ever before.

Try Eurekly’s Online English Tutors…at No Cost to You!

If you’re wondering where you can find online English tutors, look no further than Eurekly.com. Eurekly hosts hundreds of tutors specializing in dozens of subjects. Many tutors will offer free trial lessons to ensure that their teaching style and expertise are a good match for a prospective student. 

Browse Eurekly’s rigorously vetted tutors today, and get started down the road to English fluency.

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