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My Top 5 Summer Camp Must- Haves


I have been spending my week at Summer Camp. Each year, I pack my bags, load up our van/ bus/ vehicle, make sure all the paperwork is filled out, answer many parental questions, and try to hype children and teens up for a week away and apart from their daily lives. We head to Camp Lutheridge, which is located in Arden, NC (right outside of Asheville). 

Going to camp requires a lot of stuff, but these are my top must-haves:

1) Rain Gear. There is usually at least one storm during the week, if not one every day. After all, it is summer!  Rain gear can be a rain jacket, poncho, or even umbrella (although, if it's super windy, those don't help much).

2) Closed-Toed Quick-Drying Shoes. I prefer my Keen Sandals. They are comfortable for hiking around camp, but are sandals, so they dry quicker than regular sneakers. 

3) Bug-Spray. Bug Spray is ALWAYS a necessity. And while I love to be DEET-Free, in the woods, it's needed. Y'all mosquitoes, gnats, and no-see-ums. Do I need to say more?

4) Water Bottle with Handle! Water bottles are important so that we can stay hydrated, but that carrying handle makes all the difference in the world! 

5) A Sturdy Backpack. Preferably large enough to throw in rain gear, bug spray, suntan lotion, a small bible, and any other needed items as I trek from location to location across camp! 

Have you attended Summer Camp? Do your children? If so, what are your must-haves? 

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