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Modern Kitchen Designs: Chic Cork Floor Ideas

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Of all the flooring materials, cork has the most to offer, with a soft and silent walking experience and a sealant to prevent water penetration. If you have already earmarked cork as the flooring material for your revamped kitchen, you are to be congratulated on making the best choice and here are a few cork floor designs to consider.

  • The Monochrome Look - A white kitchen with white cabinets and black cork flooring is definitely something to consider. Choosing a natural dark cork gives you an ideal setting to blend with the white elements. A dark floor does not show up dirt and with the best sealant applied, keeping the floor clean is a breeze.

  • The Concrete Look - When you buy cork tiles for sale in Perth or at a leading flooring supplier in your location, you will see finishes such as Concrete Nordic and Concrete Urban, both of which are perfect for a concrete based kitchen space. Shades of grey are very much in vogue and with stainless steel and marble tops, you have the perfect urban kitchen.

  • Stone Finishes - If you are planning marble counter tops, choosing a cork tile with a stone finish is in keeping with the look.

  • Minimalist - Natural cork and oak cabinets can make for a slimline minimalist look, with handle-less doors and clean unbroken lines. It’s a clean and bright look, with white or cream walls and racks and shelves in all the right places.

  • Pure Cork & Pine - If you want to create a perfect country kitchen, a pure cork floor is the best choice. Once installed, the cork is sanded and you can choose the staining colour. If you prefer a natural cork, there are light and dark shades, which also require on-site sanding and sealing. Eco-friendly homeowners prefer cork, as it can be sustainably harvested from special cork plantations and you can’t get a more natural floor than cork! The cork is harvested every 7 years and the plantation has many separate sections, meaning they are constantly harvesting to keep up with the high demand that there is with natural cork flooring.

  • Mahogany & White - Bespoke mahogany kitchen cabinets with white trim and natural cork floor tiles make for an elegant and traditional look. If you approach a leading flooring company in your area, they can help you make all the right choices, plus they have experienced installation teams. Take your time with choosing the tile finish; there are many options, while the experts can also advise you.

  • Patterned Flooring - With several different types of cork tile, you can create a unique pattern, using dark and light shades. There are unlimited combinations regarding patterns; talk to a cork floor specialist and take a look at their sample books.

There are many reasons homeowners choose cork, which include the following:

  • Soft and silent walking experience

  • Impact resistance

  • Water resistance

  • Sustainability

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Cork can be installed on any substrate and when you approach an established cork flooring contractor, they can advise you on every aspect of flooring.

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