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Meet The Grumpy Octopus, Our Family's Newest Plush Pal!

Thanks to our friends at The Grumpy Octopus for putting smiles on our faces this summer by sending us some product to enjoy. All thoughts are 100% mine (or my kids').

If you've been wondering what you've been missing this summer, look no further! Just because it's summertime doesn't mean it's all vacay vibes with endless margs and sandy feet. Some summer days drag on, are too hot and humid to feel like your skin is even dry, and you're all out of juice pouches for the kids when you need them most! Oh yes, the grumpies set in on days like that, and that's just a part of life. A special new friend to help you navigate through those grumpy days makes them a bit easier to endure, though.

Meet The Grumpy Octopus!

Who could be grumpy after receiving this cute fella?

We just received the cutest, grumpiest plush in the universe! Our new pal, The Grumpy Octopus has been hanging out with us, just keepin' it real at home while everyone else posts their 250th Disney World vacay pics and my kids beg to pack the car and head to Florida (we were just there last summer!?). The Grumpy Octopus brought a smile to my kiddos, who have been fighting the grumpies all summer long. With us having to spend most of our time working on renovating our house, summer fun has sort of taken a back seat again this summer (like it did a couple of years ago thanks to Covid).

The Grumpy Octopus is a seriously cute little plush. He has big, sparkling eyes, and a super soft and squishy body for everyone to hug on. 

The Grumpy Octopus promotes summer reading!

The Grumpy Octopus book tells the story of an adorable, but very grumpy baby octopus who lives among other plush toys in a toy store. Every toy's dream is to be adopted- but not Grumpy Octopus! He doesn't want to be adopted... but one day, a young couple walks in and they can't resist his cute, grumpy little face, and they decide to take him home! The book ends with Grumpy Octopus riding in the car to his new home, leaving readers what will happen next? We can't wait to find out! My kids really enjoyed reading the first Grumpy Octopus book together. It was sweet to watch them huddle together to read and take turns hugging the Grumpy Octopus.

Everyone loves The Grumpy Octopus!

The whole family loves The Grumpy Octopus! When we're feeling grumpy, we just look at each other and say, 'Don't be a Grumpy Octopus!' A little squeeze on the GO makes everyone feel better. No one can stay grumpy after hugging that cute fella! We're looking forward to taking The Grumpy Octopus with us to the beach and showing him all of our favorite spots. Look for some of our pics on MBP social media with our GO!

Want it? Get it!

Head on over to The Grumpy Octopus to get your hands on your own grumpy little guy, and all of his GO gear! The book makes a really cute gift for kids. I told my hubby that he should place a Grumpy Octopus on his desk at work, too! 

In addition to celebrating emotional diversity, the GO team also wants to use The Grumpy Octopus to raise attention to the state of our oceans. They are dedicated to helping protect marine ecosystems and making the ocean a better place. Thus, 1% of your purchase will automatically go to WildAid Marine Program.

Be sure to follow The Grumpy Octopus on Facebook and Instagram, too!

Thanks to our friends at The Grumpy Octopus for allowing me to share some smiles with our readers!

Who would you love to give a Grumpy Octopus to?

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