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How to Make the Best of Your Own Backyard this Summer


This is a sponsored post. All thoughts are my own.

My husband and I just purchased a new home in June. We're currently renovating the entire house, which has been a huge and exhausting process. While we're not yet living in the house (come on, kitchen remodel!), we've been finding ways to enjoy our new home while work is done there. Being present at the new house is helping our kids become acquainted with their new abode, and getting them used to being in a place.

While work is happening indoors, I'm doing my best to keep the kids outside. There's a lot of dust, dirt, and debris from demo projects around the house, and none of us need to be breathing that in. We did set up a brand new air purifier in the house, but nothing beats the fresh air outside. We have a much larger backyard than we did at our previous home. Our lot is nearly twice the size and includes a large patio, detached garage, and a sizable flat yard. I am loving having a big yard for my kids to run and play in, but our home is on a corner lot, which means having to take extra safety measures to keep the kiddos safe when playing outside.

Fencing in our backyard is a must, as it is for many families. A fairly high-traffic street is next to our back and side yard, which means that there's the potential for soccer balls and basketballs to roll into the road. While my kids are old enough to know not to chase after a ball (into the street), there's still that part of me that worries about the 'what ifs.'

We're also pretty private people, and while I don't mind folks waving as they drive by the front of our house, I'd love to be able to grill, garden, and play outside with my kids in private. A privacy fence is absolutely in order for our family. This will allow us to enjoy cooking, lounging, and entertaining in our backyard, without having to look at cars going by.

There are so many fencing options out there that it has been overwhelming to try to narrow down the design. We ultimately chose to have local fence companies come in and put the fence posts in the ground for us, and for my husband to finish the fence himself. It's really just a matter of purchasing the fencing materials, and nailing it all up, aside from a sliding gate over the driveaway. We've looked at lots of companies, like Brazilian Wood Depot, for inspiration on our fencing project. If you're inclined to install a fence by yourself, you can easily find lots of beautiful materials to purchase here. But if you are looking for professionals, might as well check out these fencing contractors in Perth.

I had a pretty specific vision for our fence. We needed to be able to fence in an entire yard and needed the ability to dogear around a pecan tree and jut out around a well. We would also need to include a custom gate over the driveway (remote sliding gate), and add a couple of manual swing open gates on either side of our home for easy front-to-back entry. An IPE Fence is such a beautiful choice with its gorgeous look and long life. A wooden fence is a pretty hefty investment, but the beauty, privacy, and safety it provides a family makes it absolutely worth it.

One of the things I am most looking forward to is being able to be in our backyard as a family. We have put a swing up, and have plans to add a pool, a lounge spot, and a concession area for pool time and outdoor movie nights! We'll also add a fire pit in a separate area, so we can enjoy all the wonderful space our backyard has to offer. Making the most of our new home is so important to us, and having the property fenced in will surely allow us to enjoy many wonderful family activities for years to come! I'm already envisioning birthdays, pool parties, cookouts, graduation luncheons, and so many other wonderful memory-making events that we'll be able to enjoy.

First things first, though! Getting that fence project completed is high up on my to-do list, and then adding some beautiful landscaping to enhance the beauty of the backyard is next. I can't wait to see what our yard will look like in a couple of years. Click to learn more if you decide to add a fence in your backyard.

Have you ever thought about adding a fence to your property, or re-doing an existing fence? What are your ideas for enhancing your property?

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