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Half Cafe, Half Cats, One Amazing Experience at Mac Tabby Cat Cafe

Good energy, local coffee, craft beer, and CATS... right in the heart of two beautiful historic districts in North Carolina: NoDa, Charlotte, and Downtown Concord! Twelve cats roam free in the Cat Lounge which is separate from the cafe, and they are ready to play and cuddle! You can sip an espresso, chai latte, beer, or glass of wine... relax and unwind with the amazing adoptable felines.

You can book your 60 min Cat Lounge experience for only $12 per person. Be sure to make your reservations before you arrive for this relaxing time of play and cuddles. They also offer an $8 thirty-minute walk-in experiences that are subject to availability upon arrival and monthly memberships to visit as much you like. Their minimum age requirement is 7+. It is an experience you will enjoy and want to share with friends! They work with local rescues to fill their café with cats that are ready to be adopted and loved in their furever home.

The cafe is its own separate space! The bar offers an amazing menu of coffee drinks, tea, wine, local craft beer, ciders, prosecco, and more! Work, socialize, or relax at one of their beanbag, sofa or bar top seating areas. Pick up a fresh, local bakery item while you're there! Many of their treats are gluten-free and vegan-friendly. If you're into music, they have guitars to grab and play! There is no charge to hang out in the cafe, come grab a drink.

The Journey to Mac Tabby

Nick and Lori adopted their first kitten together from the ASPCA in 2001. He was their first pet as a couple. Kitty went along for a 17-year adventure ride... they were married, moved five times, had three children, and more... he was there through it all.

Lori says, "Cats have been my calling and passion for over 40 years, stemming all the way back to early childhood. A few years ago, a decade into my journey as a professional photographer, my heart was called to do something more in this lifetime. One night, my husband Nick asked me one question, "if you took all logistics out of it - what would you do?" The answer was immediate and clear. At that moment, the light came on and I was on my path to opening Charlotte's first cat cafe!"

To honor the memory of their 'Mackerel Tabby' cat, they named the cafe Mac Tabby! They said, “He was such a cool, beautiful cat and a photo of him hangs in Mac Tabby. Kitty's memory lives on in the creation of Mac Tabby, which will help hundreds of homeless cats, just like he was.”

 It seemed "crazy" to plan of opening a second location in the middle of an unprecedented pandemic, but fear never stopped them before, so they decided to move on with it! She says she could go on and on about trusting the timing of your life, having faith in the energy of the world and beyond, staying aligned with your purpose, and 'going with your gut instincts and how that leads us to where we are today. They just know that Mac Tabby | Concord is exactly where it was meant to be. They found good people and support in our newest venture on Market Street, Concord, NC. We opened our second set of doors on May 1, 2021. 

Lori shares her gratitude with joy saying, “I am forever grateful to this big, beautiful universe... the way synchronicity played such a huge part in the most amazing ways, the signs that kept leading us down the right path, the trust in our guts, the journey, the timing, the gratitude, the cats, the kind humans.... the CHANCE we have been given to live a dream. It isn't taken lightly. We get to witness two little spaces on this planet that are overflowing with love for animals... and fellow humans. I may have done the work to get it started... but each of YOU continually making Mac Tabby what it IS, and I am honored to be along for the ride with you.” Mac Tabby was created out of positive energy and love, something each cat that comes through its doors will continue to feel daily on this wonderful journey.

The Galloway house is a BIG fan of Mac Tabby. My Dillin is passionate about cats and has been since she was two. We love to visit to relax with a coffee and a book. The cats are so sweet and enjoy their naps greatly! When we have the time, this is a regular stop for us! Great coffee, local craft beers, tea, and homemade local bakery items. You'll want to stop by and get some cat-loving! 

Also, if you are in the market for a cat, they have the best ones! Why not go spend some time with the cats and find the one that will complete your family.

Want it? Get it!

To reserve your spot for your fun-filled time, visit Mac Tabby's website!

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