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Gloves in a Bottle Will Help You Rescue Dry Hands


COVID has been so hard on my hands. As a teacher and a mom, I wash my hands so often to not spread germs to the kids I am around. Gloves in a Bottle has been a lifesaver! It isn’t sticky and absorbs into your skin locking in the moisture and leaving it silky smooth.

Gloves In A Bottle is vegan, dermatology tested and prescribed, hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic (will not clog pores), cruelty-free, and every ingredient is on the FDA's most safe list. Through a series of clinical studies conducted by independent laboratories and hospitals, it has been shown to be so safe that it is approved for all staff use in hospitals, even in operating rooms.

Gloves In A Bottle is 100% free from all parabens, phthalates, triclosan, sodium laurel sulfate (SLS), sodium laureth sulfate (SLES), formaldehyde, toluene, propylene glycol, salicylates, gluten, latex, dairy, wheat, soy, peas, corn, animal products, animal testing, added fragrance, colorants, peanuts, and all other nuts.

How Gloves In A Bottle Works

The outer, protective layer of skin consists of dead cells. These cells need to stay moisturized in order to perform the function of protecting the deeper layers of skin. To keep the skin’s natural moisture from leaving the outer layer of skin, the skin produces natural oils. These oils also help keep irritants away from the deeper, more delicate layers of skin. Modern living (frequently washing with soap and exposure to an ever-increasing number of chemicals), harsh weather, and other irritants can remove these natural oils.

When the natural oils are stripped away from the outer layer of skin, the skin’s own moisture quickly leaves the outer layer of skin resulting in dry, irritated or itchy skin.

Furthermore, the deeper layers of skin are left exposed to a host of damaging, everyday substances including many cosmetics, detergents, antibacterial soaps, solvents, cleaners, gardening chemicals, dirt and grease, latex glove powder, etc. The result is skin that is more dry, irritated, or itchy and more susceptible to becoming cracked and further damaged.

While conventional moisturizers, lotions, and skin creams coat your skin with petroleum or wax-based substances that tend to clog pores and inhibit the skin’s ability to breathe and perspire, Gloves In A Bottle (2) functions so well that the skin breathes and perspires naturally. Because it literally becomes part of the outer layer of skin, it does not wash off like other lotions but comes off naturally as your skin exfoliates. For continued protection against irritants (1) and toxins (5), simply reapply in 4 — 12 hours. This new outer layer helps prevent the loss of natural oil (3) and moisture (4), supports skin elasticity, and improves the overall ability of the epidermis to protect the inner skin cell layers. The natural moisturizing effects of Gloves In A Bottle will leave your skin soft and supple!

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