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Clean Plastic Free Summers With Aspen Clean Giveaway

Thanks to Aspen Clean for sending over some great samples in exchange for my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Last night, I was visiting my friend's home for her wonderful birthday party. She leaves off an inlet in SC, so all the kiddos were having a grand time swimming in the marsh and then swimming in the huge indoor inflatable. Each time they ran inside, there were droplets of water from their wet  bathing suits and mud prints from their little feet hitting the yard. We ended up having to put down several towels to soak up the water, so folks wouldn't slip while trying to get drinks and food. 

It reminds me of how DIRTY our homes get in the summer. We have so much fun playing outside in the summer, which is what summer is meant to be. But then, it's time to come in. Some of us might have  mudrooms where kiddos and adults alike strip out of their wet stuff and wet shoes, so that at least the home is less likely to get muddy and sandy. Some of us don't, so we try to minimize dirt by leaving our shoes at the door and our sandy, muddy stuff outside. 

Yet, inevitably we track in dirt, we find crumbs on the floor from the latest movie night, and our kitchens + bathrooms need super scrubbing from all the extra baths and showers. (Unless you use an outside hose in the backyard-more power to you, moms + dads, who do so!)  

Aspen Clean aims to help us keep our homes clean, fresh, and free of harmful chemicals often found in cleaning products. Offering a myriad of cleaning solutions, Aspen Clean will help you keep your sanity as your floors, laundry, and even counters are cleaned with eco-friendly materials. One of the best parts is that these products are actually affordable, compared to other eco-friendly products on the market! 

I was sent over some samples to try for the laundry machine, dishwasher, and floor coverage. These 3 areas are the ones I probably use the most product for-washing clothing + linens, sweeping and mopping the floors, and cleaning the dishes. Yet, Aspen Clean offers products to keep kitchens and bathrooms smelling wonderful while helping to rid them of grime and bacteria. 

First, up: the laundry. For most households, it's not uncommon for several loads to be done in a week, thus causing that detergent to go quickly! When using so much, it's hard to use eco-friendly products because they are expensive, but yet, the desire to keep ourselves and our environment free from toxic chemicals might beckon us. 

Aspen Clean's Liquid Laundry Detergent with Rosemary + Eucalyptus not only smells great, but cleans clothing effectively! By following instructions and using the cap provided, you will be on your way to freshly washed clothing after your long vacation.  Using 1 ounce per load, the 64 ounces of laundry liquid will last quite a few cycles! This liquid detergent is good for HE and regular machines, so never fear, because it's also safe for septic systems too! Vegan liquid detergent that is free of harmful chemicals like parabens, phosphates, sulfates, and even petroleum is also cruelty-free too. 

Aspen also provides laundry pods! I love taking a couple of pods with me when I'm traveling and staying in a condo or facility with laundry facilities. Pods are an easy way to take your favorite detergent with you and still be eco-friendly! 36 pods arrive in a plastic free container and are full of all the harmful products you hate. They really do get clothing clean and knock out the grime and grit that attracts to our clothing items during our summer play. 

Pods and detergent are baby-safe, hypoallergenic, and free of synthetic fragrances. Real essential oil is used to get this wonderful smell! Personally, I've used many detergents that claim to be hypoallergenic, but then I itch + get small rashes later on. After a few loads using both the liquid + pods, this product definitely does what it claims! 

Next up- the dishes. Whether it's handwashing or using the machine, effective but safe dish liquid is a must. Aspen Clean's dishwasher pods are natural, non-toxic, and super easy to use! Grab a pod, place it in the dispenser, to the door and listen to your laundry cleaning! The pod seems to clean better than the other eco-friendly dish detergent I've been using, and there isn't a residue in the lips of my cup bottoms on the top rack, which I highly appreciate. The packaging is also plastic-free and compostable!

Voted by Good Housekeeping as the best eco-friendly dishwasher pod, they are free of plastics, phosphates, chlorine, SLS, & dyes. The presence of Chicory Root helps keep dishes free of film, too! I love these pods and would definitely seek them out again. I can't comment on the liquid dish soap, but I'd recommend seeking it out too, as it's made with some of the same ingredients as the pods. 

Finally, the floors. I have vinyl flooring that is hard to keep clean. I find myself vacuuming, dust mopping, and regular mopping a lot. Yet, I hate the streaks that often comes with mopping. I've tried various systems, including straight-up water w/ reusable pads, but am often left disappointed. 

The Aspen Clean mop system is super easy to use. A microfiber mop head combined with the floor cleaner left my floor not only streak-free, but also grime free as well. No residue left behind like with some floor cleaners! The mop head is washable and easily attached to a system I already own, so I didn't have to purchase a completely new system, yet again. While disposable mop sheets might be more effective in ridding the home of germs, I absolutely HATE the waste, so I like systems designed for washable reusable mop heads. It can be cleaned and used over 500 times so that is a definite plus! 

The floor cleaner is a plus because it does the job, but is toxic free. Note, this cleaner is NOT meant for unfinished/ unsealed flooring or waxed wood. I love how I can spray directly onto the floor. No buckets, no rinsing and wringing out mop heads is needed with this system. While it arrives in plastic, the bottle is 100% recyclable. Being fragrance free, this cleaner is great for those of us who may have allergies & is definitely great because it doesn't contain the chemicals that usually give us headaches! 

I've struggled with floor cleaners before because I feel like my floors are never spotless. Whether it's another toxic-free system some folks swear by, an old-fashioned wring mop, or just a swiffer wet jet, I have always felt like grime still exists. I think this system does the job, unless grime is caked on that a regular mop pad wouldn't be able to handle. (Which is a reminder to get grime and spots up before it gets ground into the floor!). 

It's definitely an easy way to clean floors with a cleaner if you need to spot mop, clean a specific area, or just need a touch up between your super deep cleaning. To really do the job properly, I definitely need more than one mop head if I'm doing all the rooms on the same day. Yet, the washable feature means that I can break up the housework and do bathrooms, bedrooms, and the living area separately if need be! 

Overall, Aspen Clean products are safe to use, eco-friendly, and do the jobs they are created to do. This summer, I highly recommend you check out Aspen Clean. Your home, your heart, and your health will never be happier! 

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Seek out the best Aspen Clean eco-friendly product to clean your home this summer. Not only toxic-free from environmental harm, the products are free of harm towards your children + pets. Don't forget to check out the microfiber cloths too!

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Special thanks to Aspen Clean for sponsoring this giveaway! 

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