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Celebrate Hammock Day with Sunnydaze Decor #SunnydazeHammockDay #ad


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During these dog days of summer, what sounds better than relaxing in your own backyard? This time of year, it's too hot to do much of anything to strenuous, so my family and I like to laze about, taking turns in our hammocks. My kids especially love to relax in their hammocks with books and cool drinks, like freshly made lemonade (it always tastes better when their grandma makes it, by the way).

We've found some amazing treasures for our backyard this summer from Sunnydaze Decor. We found wildly comfortable Sunnydaze Hammocks to outfit our new backyard, along with lots of other amazing outdoor living products, like fire pits, fountains, and lots of cool yard decor. I'm a bigtime lover of spending time outdoors with my family, so creating a great outdoor space with such fabulous decor has made a huge difference.

I'm always busy chasing after three kiddos, and at the end of a long day, a little bit of time spent in the hammock is just what the doctor ordered for this tired mom! To celebrate Hammock Day, we're putting up all of our hammocks, grabbing some snacks and drinks, and a few good reads, and just chilling together as a family! Why not do this with your family, too? Sunnydaze has everything you need to celebrate Hammock Day today and every day!

Ready to choose your perfect hammock for Hammock Day?

Save 12% on all items in the hammock collection with code RELAX12 from July 1st- July 31st!

How would you plan the perfect Hammock Day?

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