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Breaking All The Rules Is Actually Good For You With Rule Breaker Snacks

Rule Breaker was kind enough to send along samples to review. All thoughts shared are my own.

As much as us mamas are not ready to think about it yet, school is opening it's doors in just a few short weeks and we are going to need to start packing lunches!

Rule Breaker snacks is a company I found that breaks all the rules in baked goodies. They have created delicious and decadent desserts without 11 main allergens found in kid's snacks today. 

I have two kids, ages 11 and 10 and while they do not have any severe allergies, my one son does have a sensitivity to dairy and gluten. We haven't been able to pinpoint the main culprit, but we know it's a combination of both. Dairy causes upset tummies in my home so when I saw these snacks are dairy-free, I was immediately intrigued.

How tasty can they be without all of the extra ingredients your kids may be used to?

My son is LOVING the Deep Chocolate Brownie Bites. This bag is $4.99 and the more bags you order, the more you save. The portion in this bag was enough for 2-3 kids at our local pool. These snacks are vegan and gluten-free but are certainly not low on flavor! The chocolate is rich and delicious. Rule Breaker was even featured on the popular entrepreneur promoting show, Shark Tank!

My other son enjoyed the Birthday Cake flavor the most. These cookies are fudgy, rich and super filling. We brought a variety of flavors to share with some friends during a day at the pool, and every single flavor was a hit for all of the kids. Rule Breaker was kind enough to share an assortment of flavors with my family and we were immediate fans. 

Rule Breaker snacks feature chickpeas as the very first ingredient so you can feel good about giving this treat to your entire family. For back-to-school season, the adorable mini snacks are perfect for packed lunches and after school snacks. 

With July being National Blueberry Month, Rule Breaker launched their Blueberry Lemonade bites just in time for summer! They are refreshing, soft-baked and again, filled with healthier ingredients for your littles. Pack them on a picnic, or take them with you while you run some errands for a sweet little pick-me-up. Let me know if you are excited to try this delicious and fruity flavor!

The brand new Rule Breaker Snacks Junior are the perfect snack to pack for school! They come in these delicious flavors: Deep Chocolate Brownie, Birthday Cake, Chocolate Chunk and Strawberry Shortcake. Each Junior has 110 calories and 2.5 grams of added sugar. This snack will quickly become your favorite go-to pantry staple. 


You can grab your favorites on their website or by visiting Amazon. Be sure to stay connected with Rule Breaker on Facebook and Instagram as well. Having delicious snacks handy helps our kiddos be a little more excited for their first few days back to school. I hope you'll give Rule Breaker Snacks a try this school year!



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