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3 Tips for Preparing Your Child for Elementary School


School is about to resume, and your child’s first day of school is near, and you are probably more nervous than the child because you do not know what to expect. The parents’ involvement in the child’s school activity is essential, especially in early childcare, so you are right to feel that many emotions. 

Since the best you can do is to prepare the child for a new start, you should know the essential factors in getting the child ready. 

  1. Get Your Child Familiar with the School

When your child knows what to expect, they feel more at ease than being in the loop, not knowing what to do, what to expect and how to act. So, get them to feel comfortable by researching all necessary information about the school with your child. 

You can go to see the building and recognize necessary units like the playgrounds, cafeteria, health center, and classes. You can also get familiar with the school calendar, events, and activities. Then you can inform your child of upcoming events so that they can look forward to being in the school. 

If the school organizes an orientation, go with your child, and you can use the opportunity to learn what you do not know about the school. If you are chanced to speak with whoever will be your child’s teacher, talk with them and introduce them to your kids. 

If you want a preschool valley heights, ensure the school has experts in early childhood education. 

  1. Prepare Schoool Supplies

Your child’s excitement will likely increase when you buy them new items, even if they are school items. You can make it more fascinating by buying them items customized with their favorite characters or superheroes. 

Also, you have to ensure your child gets everything they need so they do not feel helpless or embarrassed because they are missing an item. 

The basics are

  • Child’s uniform, shoes, and other necessary wears. 

  • Customized school bag with comfortable straps.

  • Lunch box and water bottle suitable for children. 

  •  Class items and stationery. 

For easier identification, mark your child’s name on all the items you bought.

  1. Give Them Essential Tips

Your child will need all the information they can get since they are new to it. So talk to them about what to expect and what to do in certain situations. Also, talking to them helps them open up if they experience difficulty at school. Some of the things to speak to them about are;

  • How to make friends: Making friends makes it easier to blend in, so teach them how to go about it.

  • Safety tips: The teacher can not always be with the child, so it is best to teach them essential safety tips. 

  • Confidence and independence: Self-confidence is an essential quality in elementary students as it can influence their academic and social performance. 

  • Composure: your child’s composure and actions matter, so teach them the proper manners and ethics. 


The first day of school can determine how the school year will be for your child, so ensure they have the best of it by using the tips above. You can not be in school with them, but you can guide them in your capacity. 

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