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15 Great Reasons To Visit Egypt


The political turmoil combined with the pandemic has halted travel to Egypt for years. Now as things slowly return to normal, interest in Egypt has been renewed. There is plenty to explore in this historical country and we will give you more reasons to add to your Egypt itinerary in this article.

  1. Affordable Tourist Destination

Given the current exchange rates, 1 USD is worth 19 Egyptian pounds, which means many items will be cheaper than back home. From Uber rides to hotel stays, much of your travel expenses will be way more affordable in Egypt than most European countries.

Visa On Arrival

American, British and Canadian visitors can get their visa on arrival before passing through immigration. Look for bank windows labeled “ Visa on Arrival '' where you can buy a single-entry 30-day visa for $25 and multiple entry for $60. Some tour packages include the visa cost, which your guide will be ready with when you arrive at the airport.

Year-round Sunny Beaches

With beautiful, sandy beaches along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea, Egypt’s beaches are a wonder to behold. Whether you visit during summer or winter, don’t forget to soak under Egypt’s sun. 

Universally Acclaimed Museums

Home to one of the world’s unique museums, Egypt safeguards artifacts of the history of the oldest civilizations in the world. 

Your Egypt itinerary should include the Karnak Temple in Luxor, the world’s biggest open-air museum, or enjoy the 120,000 piece collection of the Cairo Museum. If you plan on visiting in late 2022, you will witness the inauguration of the world’s largest archaeological museum in The Grand Egyptian Museum. Not only will the entire Tutankhamun collection be available, but also rare pieces will be on public display for the first time in history.

Cruising Along The Nile

If you haven’t been on a cruise before, use this trip to go on a 3 or 5 day cruise along the Nile. With stops at some of the oldest monuments, tombs, and artifacts in the history of mankind. 

An affordable excursion option for all ages, including families with little ones, the Nile cruise is a must in your itinerary. The sights downriver in Ancient Upper Egypt are unforgettable from the world’s largest outdoor museum at Luxor Temple to the Philae and Karnak Temple.

Visiting The Last Ancient Wonder

At 4500 years, the Great Pyramid of Giza is the last standing wonder of the Ancient World. Surrounded by majestic pyramids and the impressive Sphinx, it is an unforgettable sight to behold. The pinnacle of human creativity and endurance in the ancient world that has stood the test of time should be on everyone’s bucket list. 

Camping In the Sahara Desert

The vast plains of the Egyptian Sahara offer everything from camping to sandboarding and Jeep Safaris. Soak yourself in one of the natural hot springs or sleep under the stars illuminating the Milky Way. Don’t forget to take pictures for your Instagram in the White Chalk Formations in the White Desert Area, one of the natural wonders of Egypt.

Go Scuba Diving

If you love underwater expeditions, Egypt has some of the best dive sites in the world. If you are experienced then you can rent equipment or a private boat. There are also plenty of tours available for snorkeling and diving. 

If you are unfamiliar with diving but still wish to experience the colorful world underwater, submarine tours are available to see the manatees, fish, turtles, and corals.

Discover Places of Religious Significance

The ancient Egyptian religion isn’t the only religiously significant part of this country. The Abrahamic religions also have immense importance in Egypt’s history. 

Not only is it home to centuries-old mosques, churches, and synagogues, but also Mount Sinai, where Moses is believed to receive the ten commandments and encountered the Burning Bush.


A little-known fact to most tourists is that Egypt is a great place to go kitesurfing, whether you are a novice or professional.  As this famous water sport gains traction, you can try your hand at Soma Bay, El Gouna, Ras Sedr, and Dahab in the Red Sea.

Medical And Dental Tourism

The exorbitant prices and ridiculous insurance policies back home often force many to seek medical and dental attention elsewhere. The average appointment takes just a few days in Egypt compared to weeks and consultation is also very affordable ($19-$38). Follow-up is free, and any necessary tests won’t break the bank.

There are many talented experts both in the medical and dental fields, most of whom are fluent in English, so you can comfortably book your appointment without worry.

Historical Wonders

Experiencing the artifacts of the ancient Egyptian civilization firsthand through the temples, hieroglyphs, museums and tombs cannot be explained in words. It is like walking through a piece of history that has come alive.

 Ancient Egypt isn’t the country's only piece of history. 10,000 year old Neolithic cliff paintings (pictographs) and rock carvings (petroglyphs) in the Gilf Kebir plateau caves in the dessert of Southwest Egyptian Sahara are testament to our ancestor's daily livelihood. The Cave of the Swimmers and the Cave of the Beasts are the most famous of these caves. 

Egyptian Cuisine

A lot about a country’s history can be gleaned from its food. Egyptian delicacies are a source of pride for its people. So be sure to try them out on your travels. Many of the items are vegan friendly such as Ful Medames, Ta’meya, Mulukhiya and Kushary. However, for the meat-lovers, shawarma and egyptian grill are a must-try.

Visit A Piece Of History at Khan el Khalili

Dating back to the 14 century AD, the Khan el Khalili is one Middle East's largest bazaars. If you have a knack for bargaining and a good eye, you are bound to spot one of the treasures this magical place has to offer.

Experience The Bedouin Life

If you wish to disconnect from the modern world and experience the nomadic life, you can stay at one of the Bedouin villages or ecolodges. Learn more about their culture, eat fresh and be in sync with nature.


If these reasons aren’t enough to plan your Egypt itinerary for the next holidays, then you are surely missing out on this beautiful country. The wonders of this country are unparalleled and should be on everyone’s bucket list. 

However, keep in mind that Egypt is a Muslim country and tourists should dress modestly so as not to disrespect the locals. Egypt is a relatively safe country but be vigilant of your surroundings to keep yourself safe.

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