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Weekends with the Wigglesworths- Open House Day CT 2022


It's time for (what has come to be) one of our favorite times of the year, Connecticut Open House Day! It's a day where we get to explore some great places throughout the state for free or at discounted rates. Since we haven't been able to join the festivities the past few years, we are looking forward to doing so today. 

Gas prices (and a new puppy) might keep us a little closer to home, but we're a-ok with that! Some pretty great events will be happening right in our city, including the amazing mini tours at Fascia's Chocolates. We've been checking out these tours for some time. They're a lot of fun, but just a bit better is making our own delicious chocolate bars (for a discounted rate) before heading home. 

Throwback to one of our first Fascia's visits.


After some exploring, I'm hoping to get some projects done around the house. Nothing too large, so I'll be okay if things don't work out and we just laze about instead. 

Have a spectacular Saturday! 

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