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Ways to Get Your Newborn To Sleep in a Bassinet


Sleep is one of the greatest luxuries for new parents, especially in the first few months of a newborn’s life.  Most parents will opt for a bassinet that allows the baby to sleep in the parent’s room, and if parents use an Arm's Reach® CO-SLEEPER, it allows the baby to be close by and safe.  If a baby has gotten used to sleeping in an adult’s arms, getting them to sleep for the night in a bassinet might be a challenge. Below are a few tips that can help new parents get the sleep they and their baby need.

Create a Steady Routine

Note that there is a difference between a routine and a schedule.  Every day with a newborn is different and it’s better to have a routine than a schedule with times that are not flexible.  With a routine, the order is the same, even if the time is not.  Start by trying to get your baby to sleep at the same time each night.  Perhaps it involves a warm bath with relaxing natural scents like lavender, followed by soft massage, feeding, and even a storytime.

Be Within Arm’s Reach to the Bassinet

Keeping the bassinet close to your bed, even within arm’s reach, allows your newborn to feel your presence.  They instinctively know that their parents are close by, and this brings a sense of comfort.  It also creates a more relaxing mood for the parents because they are not nervous about not hearing their baby or hearing extra noise that might be picked up by a baby monitor.  It’s also better than co-sleeping, when the baby sleeps in your bed, which poses the risk of suffocation for the baby. A bassinet or crib is essential for getting better sleep for you and your baby. Sites like Castle Cradle can help you get the baby essentials you need.

According to the pediatrician, Dr. William Sears, “The Arm’s Reach bassinet allows parents and babies to have their own bed space, yet still be within touching distance of each other. Besides enhancing bonding between parents and their baby, the Arm's Reach Co-Sleeper brand bassinet provides night-time security that benefits a growing baby's emotional development. Sleeping within arm's reach makes night feedings easier. Sleeping close to their infant allows parents to make up for missed touch time during the day and to reconnect with their baby at night.”

Try Swaddling

If swaddling has been used for centuries, it’s certainly worth a try for new parents.  Swaddling makes a baby feel like they are inside the womb or as if they are being snuggled.  Swaddling may help babies sleep better, can be helpful for babies with colic, and also helps babies to feel less anxious.

Put Your Baby to Sleep Awake

Ask any new parent and they will tell you about the times that the baby fell asleep when they were eating or being held only to wake up, and stay awake, when put down in their bassinet or crib.  New parents should try as much as possible to put their newborn to sleep while the baby is still awake.  It’s best if this is done at a time when your baby is sleepy, but not fully asleep.  They are comfortable and feel the need to sleep.

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  1. Putting the baby 'sleepy but awake' is a charm! And it's like a basis of the sleep training method I've been using - HWL from this audiobook: https://www.parental-love.com/shop/baby-sleep-training. It may seem hard to tell the exact moment but you get it in few days.


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