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Top 5 Instagram Spy Apps for Parental Control


Children have virtually no defense against the addictive nature of smartphones and apps. So, parents need to teach them positive phone use habits as they grow older. They want to protect them and look for Instagram spy apps to install on their children’s phones.

Instagram Spy Apps to Try

To help parents ease their minds, we researched the best Instagram spy apps to think of using.


mSpy is the ultimate Instagram spy tool that lets you track everything a phone user does. Using this app you can monitor child’s text messages, phones, messengers and GPS navigation . For example, you also can:

  • have access to spy on Instagram,

  • do proactive monitoring of WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Facebook Messenger,

  • use keylogger to keep tabs on your kid's online activity,

  • use a geofencing feature to get alerted when a child goes outside a particular area.

mSpy allows you to have complete insights into the phone user and their online activities. Best of all, mSpy is invisible, so there’s a 100% guarantee that you won’t get caught spying. For more information or to start your risk-free trial today, visit their website.


EyeZy is an Instagram spy app for parents. EyeZy provides you with a private window into the online activity of your children's smartphones. They have developed software that will detect and alert you when your child is doing something inappropriate.

They have tons of features such as

  • seeing all the files saved on their phone,

  • getting access to their search history,

  • viewing the call logs,

  • controlling which sites and apps they can use,

  • having a compelling spy text Instagram tool.

EyeZy offers a proper comprehensive social media monitoring app.


Mobicip lets you spy on Instagram messages for parental monitoring. Mobicip monitors your child’s communication on social media and messaging apps with instant alerts for cyberbullying, predators, and other unhealthy behavior. Unlike traditional parental control software, Mobicip is 100% cloud-based and offers to monitor device interaction and history.

They include:

  • screentime information,

  • phone activity summary,

  • social media monitoring on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat,

  • app blocker to block certain apps,

  • real-time GPS location tracker.

Mobicip is a good choice among users but has limited features compared to other Instagram spy tools on the market.


IKeyMonitor Instagram spy app lets you spy on your child's Instagram activity on all devices. Get control over your child's Instagram activity by monitoring:

  • their phone activity with a keylogger, 

  • 25+ compatible applications,

  • screen by capturing it when they use their mobile phone.

  • location with geo-fencing,

  • discreet & tamperproof.

IKeyMonitor is an excellent Instagram spy tool with plenty of useful features to give you peace of mind when your child uses Instagram or other online text message apps. The best thing is getting a free trial to see if this tool is right for you.

Another Instagram Spy Tool

There’s another FREE method that parents and other users recommend.

With this method, you’ll need to get to know the password of Instagram. They probably have their passwords saved in their browser settings, and you can get full access to them. If you know the phone’s password, you can find their social media password in browser settings.

When you get the passwords from your desired social media network, you can log in to Instagram to see all their activity & messages.

This method has the most significant risk of them finding out that you're watching them, as they will probably get notified from Instagram that someone on another device has logged in.


There are many applications on the market that you can choose from, and deciding which one you need to choose can be difficult. We hope our top 5 list gave you more precise insights into which apps are the best for you.

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