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Scent Your Home and Emotional Well-Being This Summer with Scent New York + Giveaway!!!


Thanks to Scent New York for these great oils. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Do you ever use scents to alleviate or change your mood? The natural stresses of our lives, combined with our country's economic and political concerns, definitely affects how we go about our daily lives. We often look back on our childhood summers with memories of carefree, lackadaisical days, but our reality as adults is much different! Budgets, work, childcare, running our homes, all influence our stress levels. Even planning and implementing travel is stressful this summer, with high gas prices and the abundance of flight cancellations. 

It's enough to make us run screaming to our pools, the beach, or wherever our happy place is and never come back. But alas, adulting calls us back to the world, and adulting we must. Yet, it's made slightly easier with Scent New York

Scent New York uses aromatherapy scents to sway our behavior via our stress levels. One little scent can affect our moods, our sleep, our muscle relaxation, and calm our anxieties. Aromatherapy is the practice of using essential oils to improve the health of our minds and bodies. Traditionally, aromatherapy has been used for centuries to aid in the prevention + healing of disease and emotional health. As modern medicine evolved, this practice took a backseat to the many types of healing methods available, but recently has been a resurgence around the practice of self-care. 

Scent New York aims to use scents to calm our anxieties, uplift our emotional health, and perhaps even help us out while we enjoy our summer days. We know it's no fun to be eaten by insects, to be bright as a tomato from too much time in the sun, and to find relief from sinus pressure caused by afternoon thunderstorms (or maybe that's just me, minus the tomato part, because I do tan easily!). 

A couple of scents were mailed to me to try out this summer. Not only am I able to make my home space smell good, I'm able to change my mood with just one scent added to my diffuser! 

The Vanilla Bean, crafted with natural ingredients, provides a wonderful vanilla scent that takes me to any paradise. Vanilla is always a scent that calms me. Maybe it's reminiscent of baking, maybe of the smell of one of my grandmother's, I'm not quite sure. But it's always a scent I lean into and can calm down easily. This particular one has accents of coconut, narcissus (resembles the daffodil), black fragrant beans, sandalwood, and ambergris. 

Eucalyptus Spa is another scent that carries me into paradise. The Eucalyptus, combined with vanilla and lavender, creates an atmosphere to calm the body and soul. Eucalyptus plants are used to aid in digestion, colds, and muscle pain. This scent is a paradise that calms my anxiety and helps alleviate headaches. 

Scent New York has many scents that can be used to aid in health, wellness, and perhaps even help keep the mosquitoes away, so you can enjoy outside life! Don't forget a diffuser, which is much needed, to add your scents too. Travel Diffusers are amazing when out and about in hotels, beach homes, etc this summer!

Want it? Get it!

This summer, head over to Scent New York to find your favorite scent and diffuser. 

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Special thanks to our friends at Scent New York for sponsoring this giveaway. 


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