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Many thanks to Brandless for sending over these great products in exchange for my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Are you an online shopper? I'm not. Even during the height of stay-at-home orders, I hated online shopping. I am not currently a prime subscriber, rarely venture into Target (I know, shocking!), and minimize online shopping as much as possible. I really don't shop that often and only do so when I need/ am out of something. 

Yet, what I'm discovering is that the quality (and quantity) of products in our name-brand stores are much lesser than those that we can find online. If you are a person looking for health, wellness, wholeness, and care about what ingredients are in your products, then check out Brandless.

Brandless is an e-commerce site that specializes in products that better for us. No matter whether it's clean + cruelty-free beauty products or organic toxic-free home products, Brandless strives to offer its customers good effective but fairly priced items. 

The Brandless website is full of products that help us take better care of ourselves, especially in the beauty, wellness, health, home, and personal care areas of our lives. Brandless sent me over several products to try from these areas, so here they are!

Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies

ACV gummies have become all the rage lately. Supposedly, if made with real "mother" (the unfiltered part of the vinegar that contains enzymes and proteins for health purposes), these gummies can support immune system health. The acetic acid part of the apple cider vinegar aids in blood sugars, lipids, skin health, and even can help regulate weight. Of course, there are all sorts of medical research projects that prove or disprove these theories, so do your own research on whether ACV gummies are for you. Brandless gummies are organic, free of synthetics, Non-GMO, and free of artificial sweeteners.  These gummies don't taste harsh or bitter. I'd say the jury is still out as to the health benefits of taking these daily, as it's only been a couple of weeks for me. 

Coconut Water Body Butter

Beauty and Personal care products are often full of toxic chemicals, that while smell good, are not good for our skin and immune systems. Brandless products are intentionally created to be safe, clean, cruelty-free, and mostly vegan or organic. The Coconut Water body butter smells so good and goes on incredibly smooth! I love the smell of coconut scents in the summer, so this has become a favorite as the sun and AC dry out my skin. Even if you can't get to a tropical island, maybe this body butter will entice your senses, so you can take a mental trip there!

Peanut Powder

I love peanut butter. I grew up on PBJ's for most of my elementary school years. (So glad peanut allergies were not prevalent then). Yet, peanut butter is really not all that nutritious. It's calorie ridden, full of fats, and has lots of preservatives in it that probably aren't great for us either. The Brandless Peanut powder can be made into a peanut spread, much like peanut butter. It doesn't have the same taste as my ever-loved JIF, but it is still agreeable- and much healthier!

PB powders can be added into baking, smoothies, or spreads. It is plant based, it is full of protein, and it just needs some water to make a spread. That's a plus when traveling-no more bulky jars to deal with! I'd definitely recommend this powder, or one of the other wellness powders. Not only will the protein satisfy you, you aren't stuffing yourself with lots of calories or preservatives. 

Pure Peppermint Essential Oil

Essential oils, when pure, have great health benefits. Unfortunately, many processors make oils filled with "stuff" that isn't great for us at all. Deriving from distilling plants, oils have had many medicinal and recreational purposes over the years. With a resurgence of self-care these past few years, oils have become popular methods via aromatherapy. Whether to alleviate stress, relieve sinus/ cold problems, or help with sleep, oils have many uses for our health and immune systems.

The Peppermint oil is 100% pure and is steam distilled. It is great for aromatherapy. In fact, I love peppermint for when I have headaches, when I have colds or sinus problems, or when I just don't feel well. This oil is highly- concentrated, so it definitely needs to be blended with water in your diffuser. Follow instructions so that you don't overdo it! I can tell that this oil is pure versus other oils I've used that have fillers in them. 

Refillable Multi-Surface Cleaner

Cleaning products are known for their harmful chemicals. I have to admit, I'm far from the perfect model, as some things are needed to keep the mildew and mold at bay here on the coast, but I'm trying my best to invest in better cleaning chemicals. I am far from the perfect model of plastic free as well, but I do love this how the multi-surface cleaner comes with a reusable spray bottle! 

Push the cleaning packet into the bottle, fill up with water, and wait for the cleaner to dissolve. It's simple and easy! The cleaner works well on nonporous surfaces. Unfortunately, I don't see any literature about its effectiveness in killing germs. Yet, it's toxin-free and works well in cleaning a myriad of surfaces, from coffee spillages to cooking grease. I even used it in the bathroom, although there is a separate cleaner for tub & tile available. 

I'd recommend if you are looking for an effective eco-friendly cleaner that is priced reasonably for your household chore collection. There are a couple of different scents available, like this summer breeze, that will leave you feeling refreshed and not smelling chemical residues like other cleaners. 

Overall, if you want a good company that supports health and well-being and tries to keep its costs affordable, then definitely check out Brandless. With inflation and cost-saving measures hitting our households, it's nice to know a company has our back with fairly priced and quality driven items. 

Want it? Get it!

Find your favorite Brandless product and head towards a fuller, valued-filled life! 

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