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Going Back to 1996 With the Backstreet Boys DNA World Tour


Photo by Dominic Hampton on Unsplash

Do you remember your first concert experience? Growing up, mine were mostly related to local venues to my hometown, some county fairs, and a couple of concerts at the Delaware State Fair. The max capacity of any place I went was under 10,000 folks. 

The first large concert experience I remember is at the Williams Brice Stadium in Columbia, SC. Kenny Chesney was the headliner and the place was packed! Williams Brice, the South Carolina University Football Stadium, seated about 80,000 at the time. It was an insane concert, but the acoustics and musical selections were amazing. 

Tonight, I'm headed towards nostalgia land as I relive my teenage years with the Backstreet Boys DNA World Tour. Rescheduled from 2020 AND 2021, I'm sure this concert will be one to remember! I'm meeting one of my South Carolina friends at the PNC Pavilion in Charlotte, which is an outdoor arena. I'm hoping the weather holds up, and I'm excited about the set list. 

With songs like "Everybody" and "Quit Playing Games with my Heart", I'm sure I'll fall straight back into 1996-1997, minus the braces, bad hair, and insecure self. Man, how much life has changed!

Charlotte is about a 3.5-hour drive from me, so I'm also excited to travel, albeit just for this quick overnight experience. I haven't really gone anywhere since April, so I'm glad to be getting out of town for a bit. 

Which Boy Band CD was always playing in your stereo in your teen years? 

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