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Capture Summer Moments with Tenikle 360°


Thanks to Tenikle for this amazing product in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

As an older millennial (or the Oregon Trail Generation), I grew up in the era of Polaroids, disposable cameras, and the most fabulous 35 mm camera. My family did not have video cameras, camera stands, or any fancy tech of the sort. When it came to taking family photos, "selfie" shots, or stills, we resorted to the use of furniture around us. There is a photo floating around of our family at a park, clearly taken from the camera resting on top of a cooler placed on a picnic table. I wonder if my sister has that photo, but I digress.

In 2022, we are blessed that we don't have to resort to such measures to take fabulous still shots or videos of our families and friends. We have decent camera stands, selfie sticks, and have perfected that angled pose with our arms straight out in front of us, all of us leaning in. 

Yet, we are now entering a world where selfie sticks are being banned, where we can't always take camera stands, and we need something quick and easy for the best shots! 

The Tenikle 360° is made just for those of us who want fabulous photo/ video opportunities but need quick and easy accessibility. As seen on SharkTank, this octopus-looking mount and tripod is available for all your family's on the go needs! 

The Tenikle is foldable, bendable, and suction cups allow it to grab onto almost any shape or style. The tenikle has 3 arms that move, bend, and mold into almost any fashion. Each of the three arms has suction cups throughout its length so that it can attach to almost any surface. Its own 10.8 ounces weight makes it light and easy to carry and maneuver. It suctions up to 3X's its own weight, at close to 30 pounds, and swivels around so that any shot can be grabbed, hence the 360 view! 

A 4th Arm is available for insert that allows attachment of a phone. Use the provided instructions and screws to set up the 4th arm with the phone holder. It is very easy to do and only takes a couple of minutes! 

We are told that the tenikle can attach to smooth, nonporous, non-textured surfaces. This should include glass, porcelain, fiberglass, smooth gloss painted wood or drywall, metal surfaces, and plastic surfaces. The suction cups do NOT stick to dashboards, leather, concrete, or textured walls. 

I decided to test this mount out around my house and vehicle. I'd encourage you to take a look at your state laws before mounting to your vehicle, though! 

What I discovered is that: 

The Tenikle sticks to doors, the fireplace mantel, tile, appliances, and even my patio furniture. It does NOT like my indoor walls, which I was disappointed about. My indoor walls are not textured, but they might not be glossy enough to get that adherence needed with the suction cups. Yet, there are many other places it would work if I need some selfie shots! 

The legs can wrap around almost everything-shower rods, door handles, hooks, chairs, etc. Legs can be intertwined to form a ball, they can be separated to wrap around specific items, and the suction cups can be used for traction! 

I found the suction cups easy to latch onto and remove, but the instructions do recommend a water primer if they don't stay on. The Tenikle is all silicone, so it can be washed if needed. 

The best methods for me were the tripod method and the ball method. Moving and bending the legs were also faster and easier methods than trying to get the suction cups to stay adhered to a surface, especially in our extreme humidity outside. 

The 4th arm is removable, so if you don't need the extra holder, then you don't have to carry it around with you. The suction cups could be used to stick to phones, cameras, and other tech (tablets) that might need holding up. 

I currently have a Samsung S22, with a slightly heavier case. I discovered that while the phone will stay inside the Tenikle phone holder, I probably need to remove the case for better pictures. Granted, I also have a hand-grip on the back of my case, so that gives extra bulk that the tenikle holder isn't built for. I think most phone cases without texture or seams would work well. Tenikle did provide dot adapters for cases with texture (like Otterbox) but they don't seem to be in stock right now. 

Personally, I am nervous about using suction cups to hold up my tech. I tried them out on safe surfaces and the phone did fairly well. I don't own a camera or tablet to try, so I can't comment on that adherence level. With its claim to hold up to 3 X's its own weight, I'm sure that tablets and cameras would suction well, if a good grip is found. 

Overall, I'm pleased with the Tenikle. There are so many uses for it! If you are a bike rider, attach it to the handlebars to view your phone. If you need some quick selfies while out and about, put the tenikle in your bag! It's small and compact, so it will fit easily in the car too. 

The Tenikle can be used as a selfie stick, stand, hanger, and much more. Whether you are relaxing or active, you can be assured your phone will be held up, so you can see or do what you need too. From taking photos/ video, to watching your favorites on Hulu outdoors, use the Tenikle as your one-stop phone holder! 

There are so many ways to use the Tenikle this summer, so grab yours now! 

Want it? Get it! 

Purchase the Tenikle 360° in Black, Teal, or Green for a July delivery! 

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How would you use this awesome suction mount?

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