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Be Yourself- Live Fully!

Happy Monday! Have you been feeling a little out of sorts lately? It's only the second week of June, but it feels like it has been much, much longer! This month has already been full of busy activities, disappointment, frustration, and even lots of joy. 

In the first week of June, I was able to attend a performance sponsored by Theatre for All. Theatre for All is a company that is composed entirely of actors with disabilities. Their spring production was called "It's the First Day of Spring". 

These actors, whether they have physical, emotional, or developmental disabilities, put many hours into this performance. They rehearsed, they laughed, and I'm sure they even cried when they too were frustrated. The end result was amazing. The play was about a lively forest waking up from a long winter's nap. Ms Queen Bee discovered her honey was stolen and blamed the Bear. In the end, they forest characters learned about friendship, fellowship, and community. The actors that performed this play learned resiliency, perseverance, and community. They learned that they can achieve their dreams, that they can do big things, and that they can love themselves well. They learned how to be themselves! 

Sometimes, it's hard to love ourselves. We let the mistakes, the frustration, the difficulty of life overtake us and distract us from joy. That's when it's time to lean into our people, into our community, for support and hope. 

If you are struggling in any way, reach out to your community. Whether it's us here at MBP or your closest knit friends, don't try to carry life's frustrations and battles alone. Beautiful being, you are loved, in the midst of frustrations and all! 

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